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We Are Your Friends (2015) **REVIEW**

When it comes to choosing your friends and letting them boss you around – isn’t your friends. Letting them tell you what to do and when. That’s what happened in this film. Directed by Max Joseph – co show host of Catfish The Tv Show. Yep. He made a film and he did an excellent job. I loved this film. It’s well written and the actors are good.

Cole and his friends got a simple life and living paycheck by paycheck. Cole got a dream of one day becoming a DJ and play for the big festivals and raves. Til one day he meets James – a famous DJ who offers to mentor Cole and get him to play on one of the biggest festivals. As he works with James he gets in conflicts with his friends and meets a girl – and all is about to crumble down. And top of this – Cole and his friends take a job with real estate and talk to people who just got their house for closed by the bank, he see’s the ugliness in the job and doesn’t like it. So how is Cole going to fix the mess he’s done? One way – music.

Sure we see Zac Efron as Cole and some have told their opinion about it. But the Zac Efron we see in this film is a different one from the one we seen in High School Musical. He grown up. In the film we get to see a few familiar faces and yes I am recommending this film. It’s a good one – it’s long but it’s good. Worth your time.

You see actors like Zac Efron, Wes Bentley, Emily Ratajkowski, Jonny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez, Alex Shaffer, Jon Bernthal, Jon Abrahams and many more.



Mac and Kelly have a baby and a house, they’re life seems simple and they feel all changed when the baby came. It’s a good neighborhood and it’s quiet. But little do they know that a frat house is about to move in next door. At first everything seems find, Mac and Kelly get invited in for one of their parties by Teddy and Pete and having a blast. But Teddy and Pete thought, if they invited Mac and Kelly in they would be cool with them and no one would call the police. Before Mac and Kelly know it, they are pulling pranks and terrorize them. How will Mac and Kelly survive? Prank back or being adults about it? Specially how they keep saying, they haven’t lost touch since the baby came.


You see actors like Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne & Dave Franco (James Franco’s brother). Would I recommend this? I’m not sure. But if you want to see it and get your own opinion, that’s cool! I won’t be seeing it again.


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