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Doctor Strange (2016) **REVIEW**

Here we have another Marvel comic turned into a Hollywood movie, sometimes they nail it and sometimes they manage to disappoint the Marvel fans.

“Doctor Strange” is about, well a Doctor by the name of Stephen Strange an egotistical man who believes he’s the best in everything and people should bow down to him. Until one day he’s in a car crash, his surgical hands ruined by the crash. So you know the ego he got he will try everything to fix his hands even if he have to go absolutely broke to do it. He ends up in Katmandu learning the art of magic. And because of the man he is, he is expecting to have everything handed to him but he does end up studying and learning.

And of course the film got a bad guy, Kaecilius, he has a delusion of bringing the dark world into our world and thinking everything will be okay. So the other sorcerers have to work together to stop this man, it just won’t be so easy.

If you keep watching even after it ended you will see a scene with Doctor Strange and Thor having a conversation about…. well, have a look at the scene and see for yourself.

Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton and many more.



Forget about alien apocalypse.We had our apocalypse movies about mother nature fighting back with her biggest weapons – snow and cold. Snowpierccer is a most likely event to happen, people living on a train that won’t stop, it goes all around the earth because the snow and the cold killed everyone outside.

Movie begins with we hear news statements about the changing weather and humans are scared, and we see this “Soon after dispersing CW-7, the world froze. All life became extinct. The precious few who boarded the rattling Ark are humanity’s last survivors”. In the beginning of the movie we see a train going by and the outside world is frozen, still and dead.  The movie takes place in 2031 and all the cars in the train have different purposes, like food, water etc. Back of the train are poorest people and front, the richest who consider the poor not worth anything, freeloaders and can do to them as they want because they’re too weak to fight back. But revolution is growing in the back trail of the train. Military types runs the trains on the inventors order, the guy who runs and owns the train. Everything changes one day when they decide to fight back.. They are set to find the guy who designed the doors and he’s only one who can open them without a access card.


The revolution that’s going on, on the train is insane and plot twist – you will NEVER see it coming. The actors you will see in this movie are John Hurt, Chris Evans, Ed Harris, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell & Octavia Spencer. I would recommend this movie to anyone over 16.. It’s an amazing apocalypse movie. See it today on Netflix (U.S) to get Netflix US and you’re not there, you need Hola Better Plugin



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