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Smurfs 2 – ***REVIEW***

It took me long time to watch Smurfs 2. I just adored watching the first one when it came out. I saw the second movie on Netflix – the US one. I live in UK so I bet you ask yourself – how did she manage that? Well, that is super easy. What you do is google search HOLA and follow the instructions and install it. Ofc you still pay the same amount you did before the plugin.

Not all movies can get a good sequel. The Smurfs 2 felt a little stiff but yet it was very funny. It’s a good family movie and it felt like something was missing with it. I loved the first movie when it came out.

The Smurfs 2 gets right to the story straight away, it’s Smurfette’s birthday and of course the other smurfs are planning a birthday party for her but it’s a surprise. She gets sad cause she thinks everyone forgot her birthday. About in this moment Gargamel plans to kidnap Smurfette to get more smurf essence. The plan works and she is being dragged into our world – Paris. The other smurfs finds out that Smurfette is missing and sets a mission to find her.

You’ll find some old goodie faces like Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick, Hank Azaria¬† as Gargamel, Jayma Mays as Grace. The movie is a cute one and very fitting for a family. The Smurfs over all can’t go wrong. Watch the movie to see if the smurfs succed in finding Smurfette and saving her from Gargamel and his cat.





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