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Our Kind of Traitor (2016) **REVIEW**

I do love me a good movie about the mafia and how one man is sick of how it’s handled and decide to turn on them and give information to an authority in exchange for immunity and come live in their country peacefully. And that is exactly what Our Kind of Traitor is.

A couple is on a retreat in Morocco to rekindle their love, but when the wife turns to their room early because she gotta work, he man gets attention from a man who seems to have money. But what he want it to give a drive to British Secret Service – also known as MI6. On the drive are names and accounts from the Russian mafia and their trusties in different countries – including Britain itself. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. In the end this couple have to work for MI6 to get MORE information from him to later MI6 can decide if they can help the russian or not. It’s a game of death and who wins!?

Our Kind of Traitor been done before but this time it takes place in Europe and not U.S but watching felt like it’s been done before. Yes, it’s a good film with excellent scripting and some scenes where you sit on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

Actors: Stellan Skarsgård, Ewan McGregor, Naomie Harris, Alec Utgoff, Damian Lewis and many more.



I always wanted to see this movie, so when I got the chance on Netflix, I took it. It’s amazing. A true story based movie with Colin Firth. I know some people don’t like him but in this movie he is.. I don’t have words of how amazing his acting is in this movie.

Eric was a British Army Officer in the second world war, he was tortured at a Japanese labor camp. Years after he got free’d, he been tormented by his experience and nightmares from his time in the camp. One day when he is on a train he meets a woman, Patti. They find themselves getting married and being happy, until Patti see’s his demons and she desperately want to find out what torments him and wants to help him.. She turns to Eric’s friend Finley to get the story and what she is about to hear is something you could never imagine. Finley tells Eric that his old tormentor is still alive.. Eric goes back to the camp, and today it’s a museum where he works today. What will he do to his tormentor? And will Eric find a way to heal himself from the pain?


You see actors like Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgård, Jeremy Irvine. This movie will move you in so many ways and worth a watch.


Nymphomaniac VOL 1& 2 **REVIEW**

Past 2 days I been watching the infamous movie Nymphomaniac, but I didn’t know they made Vol 1 & 2. So when I saw this movie at Netflix. I always wanted to see this movie so I took the chance and both volumes are long so I took 2 evenings to see it.

Most people would say that this movie is ALL about sex, but that isn’t true at all. It’s about this girl named Joe and her life with her addiction to sex. But she describes it as lust and she’s proud of it. Movie shows all the ups and downs of a nymphomaniac.

The movie begins when the Joe is laying in a ally and a man, Seligman, played by Stellan Skarsgard, finds her laying there. He helps her to his place so she can warm up in a bed and with warm tea. He asks her how she got there and what happened. For her to tell the entire story correctly she starts with her childhood and talking about her friend and all the things she came up with they sh0uld do.

During her story telling he comes with stories and analogies. Helps her come up with chapter names for her life. During the movie Joe keeps reminding Seligman that she doesn’t have any emotions or intentions for a relationship. It doesn’t belong in her nature.

Sure, during the movie – you get to see ALOT of naked people having sex. You see breast and genitalia. But I wouldn’t say it’s porn. It’s more a story. A very good story. You get to see her journey in life – how she ended up where she was found in the alley. Her first lover and how she met him later in life. You also get to see her close relationship to her father and how that shapes her – played by Christian Slater.



OFF TOPIC INFO: Did you know that Stellan Skarsgards oldest son is Alexander Skarsgard, playing Eric Northman in True Blood. Also he got a son in Hemlock Grove playing Roman Godfrey. 3 handsome Skarsgards in Hollywood, aren’t they lucky!? :P

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