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Kingsman: The Secret Service **REVIEW**

When I saw the trailer for this movie I was sucked in and wanted to see it so badly. I finally got to see it yesterday. We get to see Colin Firth in a different role than what I am used to see him in and it was great to see him do something different.

Kingsman is about a secret agency not funded by government. We get to see Harry getting bad news to a woman and her son about their husband and father. Who died by saving Harry during a Kingsman mission. Little Eggsy grows up and is not in the best situation. He gets into fights, his mom dates someone new – greatest ass of them all. Eggsy gets himself arrested and calls a number that’s behind a medallion that Harry gave him as a small child. Harry gives him a choice – go back t o his friends and no future or take a chance and come with Harry to get a future. Of course Eggsy takes the chance but the question is: Is Eggsy Kingsman material? Will he make his father proud from grave by making it all the way to become a flawless Kingsman Agent?

We get to see a series of heart jumping training and action. We get to laugh and feel heartbroken. But we get to see Colin Firth &  Samuel L Jackson is one of their best performance yet. I would recommend this movie to anyone, you wouldn’t be disappointed of it. It delivers everything you get to see in the trailer – excitement, laughter, tension & smiles.

You get to see actors like Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Jack Davenport, Mark Hamill, Sofia Boutella, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Caine & Taron Egerton and many more.




I finally got around to see this movie at Netflix last night. I missed it when it was at the cinema and I always wanted to see it since. And I loved the movie, it was amazing.

Django is a slave who gets free with a little help from a German bounty hunter DR King Schultz. Django ends up working with him and catching guy who got a bounty on their head. When they have got a certain amount of money, they go after a plantation owner who have Django’s wife – Broomhilda. She was owned by German speakers, they gave her a German name and teached her German, so she can speak it. Which will work as an advantage for them..  So they set of to get her out of there.

Django have always had a mind of his own, he doesn’t think before he acts. And that will get him into trouble. Schultz taught him how to speak, act and shoot a gun.

I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants to see it, it’s amazing. But be aware to see Quentin Tarantino horrible acting, but over all. The movie was really amazing.

You see actors like Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L Jackson & Walton Goggins + many more.

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