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The Boy Next Door (2015) **REVIEW**

When it comes to falling for temptation, we all been there. If it’s that last piece of chocolate cake or those shoes that made you drool. But falling for the next door neighbors nephew and not knowing who he actually is.

Claire is a teacher at the high school and one day the neighbors nephew moves in. Claire can’t help but to feel some sort of attraction to him. She is in the middle of a divorce so she feels vulnerable and one evening he calls her to help him with the chicken.. One thing leads to another but something isn’t right. Noah, the neighbors nephew, got a dark side and Claire is about to get to know it.

Noah befriends Clairs son Kevin and before she know it Kevin’s attitude changes. Noah is a huge in fluent on Kevin and he is  changing Kevin. And soon enough everyone see who Noah is because his violent behaviour is effecting everybody.

The film itself is a little predictable. Story is alright. Maybe if a different actress played Claire would be a better film. I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez.

You see actors like Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Ian Nelson, John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth and many more.



We all know this franchise, so many different movies with excellent dancers. When I heard there was another out, I thought “really, another one?” But I saw it and it’s a cool one. You will see old faces in a whole new crew. You really need to see this one.


Sean desperately wants to make it as a dancer, but he is going to strong forward and his old crew “The Mob” leave him in L.A to go back to Miami. Now, he meets up with Moose, we all know him, to get a job as Moose  grandparents dancing studio. Before these 2 boys know it, they are agreeing on putting together a crew for a dancing contest called “The Vortex”. It’s here we see old faces in a new crew. Where they meet Sean’s enemy “The Grim Knights”, he wants to beat them and put the ring leader in his spot. He doesn’t count on that his old crew “The Mob” also got a spot in the contest. How will this affect his performance for the contest? When it really counts?


If you love the Step Up movies you will like this one. For me, it felt like they could have not done this one, same old story in each movie, almost. But I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t see it.


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