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Passengers (2016) **REVIEW**

There are so many different space movies out there with different story lines but all with the same thing; space can be traitorous and the film Passengers story line is no different.

A space ship left earth towards a colony and colliding with a huge asteroid leaving it trying to repair itself until something malfunctions and wake up one man, Jim Preston. Finding out he woke up a whole 90 years too soon. But he doesn’t make the connection just yet on why he woke up too soon and after a while he is starting to feel lonely. His only friend being a robotic bartender. He walks around the cargo hold where all the humans are sleeping and he finds Aurora Lane. A gorgeous journalist/author. Now Jim is having a internal fight with himself if he should or should not wake her up for companionship.

Now, what would you do? Being all alone in space on a huge spaceship and your only friend being a robotic bartender who only understand logic and not emotions. Not only will Jim make a mistake he will regret, the ship is now also turning on them.

Passengers is an amazing film about love, friendship and saving lives on thousands. I’m not much for romance film but Passengers is the one film that got me on the edge of my seat, loving every minute of it and not knowing what will happen next.

Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia and many more.


A Night at the Roxbury (1998) **REVIEW**

There is always a good time for a little classic film, specially when it’s Monday to cheer you up and remember the good old days when the acting and script was something else. And today we are doing A Night at the Roxbury, a classic from the 90’s.

Steve & Doug Butabi are brothers and they are pretty.. well.. dumb. Their big dream si to get into the Roxbury and start their own club and become big club owners that knows everyone. These brothers are very close and doesn’t take life as serious as their father would like them to do. They work at their father’s plant shop.

Steve is the one you could walk over and Doug have stronger opinions and one day they decide to go out in the world without their fathers help but their plans doesn’t go as planned as they finally got into Roxbury. They try to sell their club idea to Roxbury owner, meets two hookers who they later think are their girlfriends. Steve goes out with Emily but that doesn’t work in the end either. So question is, will anything ever work out for these two dumb witted boys?

Will Ferrell is a required taste in comedy. I usually don’t like his comedy because sometimes he can become too much very quickly. But each to their own. Over all, it’s a funny film with a lot of “on no” moments and you just sit their cover your face in embarrassment. But it’s a cult classic so it will always be loved in it’s own way.

Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Michael Clarke Duncan, Loni Anderson, Dan Hedaya, Molly Shannon, Lochlyn Munro and many more.

How To Be Single (2016) **REVIEW**

How To Be Single. Is there a right way and the wrong way to be single? Is the right way to be single going out every night to get men to buy you drinks and have meaningless sex? Some would yes while others would probably do that on occasion but would feel a little empty inside.

Alice moves in with her sister in NYC to find out who she is so Alice breaks up with her boyfriend or he breaks up with her. And she feels “What am I about to do now?”. So now she venturing out in New York being single with her co-worker Robin. And there would be some saying she is some sort of bad influence but sometimes you need friends who are a bad influence to have some harmless fun with and cause a bit of mischief.

So what does Alice do now? Well she rents her own apartment. Something of her own.. Before this adventure Alice was that girl who moved out of her mom’s place, to a dorm and then moving into with her boyfriend. So being on her own is something new.

How To Be Single is a romantic comedy, not my usual film to watch. But since it got Rebel Wilson I was intrigued, she’s funny. It got some scenes where you just want to go into a hole and die because they are so painfully awkward. But over all the film was good and very funny. I laughed a few times, raised an eyebrow time to time. Would I recommend it? Yeah I would if you like these corny kind of films, now that is not a bad thing, corny films can be fun to watch sometime. I’d say How To Be Single would probably been a lot more funnier too if Dakota Johnson wouldn’t have been cast as Alice, not a huge fan of her but she does a good job.

You see actors like Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Damon Wayans Jr, Anders Holm, Alison Brie, Nicholas  Braun and many more.


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We Are Your Friends (2015) **REVIEW**

When it comes to choosing your friends and letting them boss you around – isn’t your friends. Letting them tell you what to do and when. That’s what happened in this film. Directed by Max Joseph – co show host of Catfish The Tv Show. Yep. He made a film and he did an excellent job. I loved this film. It’s well written and the actors are good.

Cole and his friends got a simple life and living paycheck by paycheck. Cole got a dream of one day becoming a DJ and play for the big festivals and raves. Til one day he meets James – a famous DJ who offers to mentor Cole and get him to play on one of the biggest festivals. As he works with James he gets in conflicts with his friends and meets a girl – and all is about to crumble down. And top of this – Cole and his friends take a job with real estate and talk to people who just got their house for closed by the bank, he see’s the ugliness in the job and doesn’t like it. So how is Cole going to fix the mess he’s done? One way – music.

Sure we see Zac Efron as Cole and some have told their opinion about it. But the Zac Efron we see in this film is a different one from the one we seen in High School Musical. He grown up. In the film we get to see a few familiar faces and yes I am recommending this film. It’s a good one – it’s long but it’s good. Worth your time.

You see actors like Zac Efron, Wes Bentley, Emily Ratajkowski, Jonny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez, Alex Shaffer, Jon Bernthal, Jon Abrahams and many more.

Les Miserables **REVIEW**

For some reason it took me a while to see this film so when I saw it on Netflix (yeah I know) I thought I’d watch it. And here we go.

Jean Valjean is the one of the main people in the film. For 19 years he’s been slaving for stealing bread for his sisters son so he wouldn’t starve to death. When he’s out and done with it his sentence he wants to start over and with starting over he have to run from the soldiers who will hunt him down. He changes his name and make the mayor of a town. One day he steps into the factory where Fantine works and rest of the girls rallies against her and finds herself thrown out and out of the street. Jean had asked the foreman to take care of the fight so he kicked her out. After a few weeks Jean finds Fantine out on the street where she is very ill and been selling herself so she can send money to an inkeep who takes care of her daughter. Do little does she know the inkeep isn’t very nice to little Cosette. One day Fantine pass away at the hospital and Jean promised to take care of Cosette and make sure she’s safe. And he keeps that promise.

The film itself is actually quite good – better than I thought. Since I usually don’t like musicals. But all the actors have done a fantastic job, even the children. So yeah, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see it.

You see actors like Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne and many more.


We all know this franchise, so many different movies with excellent dancers. When I heard there was another out, I thought “really, another one?” But I saw it and it’s a cool one. You will see old faces in a whole new crew. You really need to see this one.


Sean desperately wants to make it as a dancer, but he is going to strong forward and his old crew “The Mob” leave him in L.A to go back to Miami. Now, he meets up with Moose, we all know him, to get a job as Moose¬† grandparents dancing studio. Before these 2 boys know it, they are agreeing on putting together a crew for a dancing contest called “The Vortex”. It’s here we see old faces in a new crew. Where they meet Sean’s enemy “The Grim Knights”, he wants to beat them and put the ring leader in his spot. He doesn’t count on that his old crew “The Mob” also got a spot in the contest. How will this affect his performance for the contest? When it really counts?


If you love the Step Up movies you will like this one. For me, it felt like they could have not done this one, same old story in each movie, almost. But I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t see it.


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