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Gabriel Iglesias Presents Rick Gutierrez: I’m Not Mad. I’m Just a Parent (2014) **REVIEW**

If you follow the comedian legend Gabriel Iglesias on social media you will see some videos and pictures of a bald chubby man named Ricky. He’s in Gabriel’s show on Fuse; they eat a lot of food and then work out to make it even. And Ricky always made me laugh so hard and now a show of his landed recently on Netflix and I took the first opportunity to see it.

Ricky offers jokes that might not be for anyone but he won’t disappoint you. He tells jokes and stories from his life and compares todays life with life back when he was a child, like how did parents back in the day lecture their asses. But he tells is with love and extremely fun impersonations of his parents. But be aware some of his jokes might be a bit offensive so don’t watch this brilliantly funny show if you are easily offended, it’s not made for wimps!

Rick delivers some good laughter and you will enjoy the 1h Netflix offers.


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