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Netflix Original: Aggretsuko (2018) **REVIEW**

Netflix released a new original and this one must be one of the most funniest I’ve seen in a while. Got a bit bored yesterday and watched all 10 episodes in one evening. It was quite easy to do so, each episode was only 15 minutes long and you get 10 episodes.

Retsuko is a 25 year old female Panda accountant, her boss is horrible, she hates her job. But she loves karaoke. She goes to one place everyday and sings to get her aggression out from the day. But you’ll never believe the genre she likes – Death Metal. And she is quite good in singing in that genre.

This Panda is all of us. The emotions during & after work. Frustration with life. I don’t think I laughed so hard in a while. The show is absolutely brilliant. We follow Retsuko in 10 episodes doing various thing like getting a boyfriend, starting yoga, become friends with 2 high up other fellow ladies at the company she works for. A guy seriously crushing on her. It’s everyday life, maybe, for some. Anywho, the show in itself is funny, consistent, best part is each episode follows the previous one. You get to see her becoming more strong, confident and just awesome.

Find Aggretsuko now on Netflix, you will not regret it.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Erica Mendez – Retsuko
  • Katelyn Gault – Fenneko
  • Debra Cardona – Tsubone


Netflix Original: Reboot; The Guardian Code (2018) **REVIEW**

So.. there’s this new show on Netflix. A little hidden gem if you will. It’s called ReBoot: The Guardian Code. Before get get into my review I’d like to add this show is aimed for teens!? I assume. And also, when I don’t do movie reviews I write websites and see code on daily basis soo…

Reboot got 5 main characters; Austin, Parker, Trey, Tamra & Vera. These kids go to Alan Turing High School a school based on IT. (If you don’t know who Alan Turing is, please click here. ) On first day back in school, Austin, Parker, Trey & Enigma get a text message saying they need to report to Room 0. Where they find a wall. But.. when going through the wall that is a hologram, they find a high tech room. Finding out they are something called ‘Cyber Guardian’. Protecting mankind from cyber attacks by entering the cyber.

Now it’s here where it gets REALLY ridiculous. We see them fighting malicious code or as they call it, dark code (made me go wait.. what!?). And seriously, don’t make me start about the guy who plays the hacker. That’s a mess, massive mess. Code that attacks various ‘stations’ of the internet and it’s up to the kids to fight it and make sure it’s safe again.

We get to see a story line with Austin and he lost his dad last term. He was a teacher same school he goes to now and how Austin is trying to cope with the lose. While being a ‘Guardian’ he find out about his dad’s extra work, if you will.

Reboot; The Guardian Code, is bit of a gem to watch but at the same time while watching it, it made me go ‘wait.. what!?’ on several occasions. So much inaccuracy and so much made up stuff. I mean.. if you are going to make a movie or Tv show like this you need some accuracy playing or it’ll turn into a mess. Which Reboot is. A mess. As much fun it is to watch it’s also quite painful to watch due to it’s bad acting, horrible casting and non-accuracy.

Reboot can be found on Netflix in their category; Netflix Originals.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Ty Wood – Austin (The Haunting in Connecticut, Maneater, iZombie, Christmas Princess, Project Mc)
  • Ajay Friese – Parker (Lost in Space, Deadly Deed; A Fixer Upper Mystery, One Crazy Cruise)
  • Gabriel Darku – Trey (ShadowHunters, Eyewitness, Heroes Reborn, Private Eyes)
  • Sydney Scotia – Tamra ( Crazy Ex-girlfriend, A mermaids Tale, Some Assembley Required)
  • Hannah Vandenbygaart – Vera (Sidelined, Precious Things, Bruno & Boots)
  • Timothy E Brummund – Megabyte (Smallville, Four Brothers)
  • Bob Frazer – Sorcerer (The Cannon, Hit The road, Finding Mr Right 2, Coded)



The Ritual (2017) **REVIEW**

Have you ever wanted to go hiking in the Scandinavian mountain side? There’s some real gorgeous landscape. Air is fresh and crisp. Non-polluted creeks. It’s a dream. And that is what a group of friends thought too. Until it wasn’t.

5 friends – Luke, Phil, Hutch, Dom & Robert – sitting in a pub and trying to discuss where to go on a lads trip. Robert gave the suggestion going on a hiking trip to Sweden. The rest of the group laughed and they left the pub still discussing where to go. They stop by a convenient store and 2 of them go inside but to only walk right into a robbery in progress. One hides and other gets his head slashed in half. Sounds brutal and the scene is brutal too.

Now.. 4 of the friends are on a hiking trip in Sweden in the memory of their dead friend. You can tell that the chemistry in the group are quite tense. They walking up the mountains and look at the map, one of them seeing a shortcut through the forest below. They where soon going to regret that decision.

As they are confused and disgusted they decide to keep going. Starting raining like crazy they find a cabin in the woods and decide to go inside. Nothing strange will happen here right? WRONG! As they are warming up and waking up next day with nightmares. But these dreams seem a little too real. They shake it off and decide to keep walking so they can leave the forest. But nothing is so simple. Something is following them after their stay in the cabin. Only matter of time before something bad starts to happen and its tearing the group apart and this thing, takes advantage of it.

‘The Ritual’ is based on the book written by Adam Nevill. I didn’t know it was a good book til recently but I have put an order in and waiting for the book. Excited to read it.

This movie is a very detailed horror movie with guts and blood so if you are sensitive, don’t watch it. But ‘The Ritual’ was really good. One of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while. It’s currently on Netflix but not in Latin America & UK so I would suggest see if you can rent it but I went on and bought. After seeing this my faith in horror movies for upcoming year have been restored.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Rafe Spall – Luke (Life of Pi, Hot Fuzz, The Big Short, Prometheus, The BFG)
  • Arsher Ali – Phil ( The Darkest Universe, Ackley Bridge, Doctor Who, Silent Witness)
  • Robert James Collier – Hutch ( Downtown Abbey, A Christmas Star, Ryse: Son of Rome)
  • Sam Troughton – Dom ( King Lear, Midsummer Murders, Vera Drake, Alien vs Predator)
  • Paul Reid – Robert (Vikings, Tommy’s Honour, London Irish, Raw)
  • Kerri McLean – Gayle ( Rellik, Small Island, Doctors, HollyOaks)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

David Bruckner, he’s known for directing horror movies and you maybe have seen some of his work already. Such as: V/H/S (2012), Southbound (2015), Siren  (2016).

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Netflix Original: The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) **REVIEW**

If you are a horror movie fan then you have most likely seen the very first Cloverfield movie when it came out back in 2008. Now 10 years later we get to find out why those monsters came to see us. Why they ended up here. And let me tell you, it’s a good one.

A group of scientists are in space to test a device that might be the answer to the world’s energy crisis. But something went wrong during testing. The powerful device pushed them into a new dimension opening up a door to the monsters for them to come over to our Earth. But it takes the scientists a while to figure out what’s going on. Soon they will find themselves freaking out and the ship being different. They find someone stuck inside their walls, quite gruesome. They soon are turning themselves against each other, trying to get home and fix their mistake that their dimension might suffer, like the monsters.

Watch the scientist going against  number of scientific unexplainable happening while fighting against a stranger on their ship that they found inside the walls.

I have to admit, there where times I had to pause it a few times because I got a bit bored time to time and became busy to check my emails and twitter so a lot of rewinding happened. But it’s all good. Over all the story was good. Just because I got bored with it doesn’t mean you will be so hop over to Netflix and watch it today.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Hamilton (Irreplaceable You, Beauty and the Beast, Miss Sloane, Free State of Jones)

  • David Oyelowo – Kiel (Nightingale, Selma, Queen of Katwe, A United Kingdom)

  • Daniel Brühl – Schimdt (Rush, Inglorious Bastards, Good Bye Lenin, Captain America: Civil War)

  • John Ortiz – Monk (American Gangster, Silver Lingings Playbook, Kong: Skull Island)

  • Chris O’Dowd – Mundy (IT Crowd, Moone Boy, Bridesmaids, Juliet Naked)
  • Elizabeth Debicki – Jensen (The Great Gatsby, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Man from U.N.C.L.E)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Julius Onah born in Nigeria is known to be producer & director. Here are some documentaries and shorts he’s known for. All Eyes on: Justin Timberlake (2006) Growing Up Black in America (2006), The Girl is in Trouble (2015)


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Netflix Original: Step Sisters (2018) **REVIEW**

If you ever seen ‘Pitch Perfect’ or ‘Drumline’ and loved it then you would love ‘Step Sisters’. Same creators who wrote and directed ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Drumline’ created ‘Step Sisters’ and this one surprised me in  good way. It’s funny, clever and the clap back the movie contains are absolutely perfect.

Jamilah, a well accomplished young college girl with a bright future. She works part-time in the Dean’s office. She’s the President of her sorority, captain of the sorority’s Stepping team. Her plans are to go to Harvard Law with her boyfriend. She got her entire life figured out until it’s about to get a little turned upside down.

Jamilah is friends with another girl from a different sorority house, Beth, a spunky girl with lots of humor. She agrees to go with Beth to her sorority party thinking it might be safe and gets ‘white girl drunk’, she’s having fun until a girl from said sorority is caught having sex in the bushes, it gets filmed and spread on the internet. So now, this sorority is on the verge of getting disbarged, UNLESS… Jamilah help them with a charity step contest so she can get her Harvard Law recommendation from the Dean who’s a alumni.

As she trains the girls she also noticing some set back with her boyfriend and with other girls from sorority she’s trying to help. They aren’t exactly taking it seriously. And then… all of the sudden.. picture’s from Jamilah’s drunken night gets leaked and here’s where all goes to shit. Jamilah loses her job, her boyfriend – well she left him, she loses her own sorority by them being judgemental about white girls doing Step. Jamilah decides to leave the college and continue her last class online. But then truth comes out of who leaked the photo’s and I have to say… no surprise but Jamilah’s reaction is the best.

‘Step Sisters’ are one of the funniest I’ve seen. We see girls coming together to save their house. With some minor setbacks. ‘Step Sisters’ is a film anyone can see really, well I’d say no children because alcohol and sexual references. If you would need a cheer me up, then this one is definitely recommended.


Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Megalyn Echikunwoke – Jamilah (House of Lies, That’s 70’s Show, 24, CHIPS)
  • Eden Sher – Beth (Veronica Mars, The Middle, Weeds, The Outcasts, Sing It)
  • Lyndon Smith – Danielle ( Parenthood, White Famous, Secret In Their Eyes, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
  • Gage Golightly – Libby ( Teen Wolf, 5ive Days til Midnight, Cabin Fever, The Troop)
  • Alessandra Torresani – Amber (The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, Two and a half Men, Outlaw)
  • Nia Jervier – Saundra (Dear White People, La La Land)
  • Marque Richardson – Kevin ( Dear White People, True Blood, Rosewood, All the Way, Dating Daisy)


Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Charles Stone III best known for his work of Drumline (2002), Paid in Full (2002), Lila & Eve (2015).


Netflix Original: A Christmas Prince (2017) **REVIEW**

If you are a fan of iZombie then you might recognize a special blonde beauty called Rose McIver. She plays Liv Moore, the zombie mortician. As you know she changes personality when she eats a brain and takes on the previous persons traits. It’s hysterical. But I’m not here to talk about iZombie. I am here to talk about Rose McIver’s new film – ‘A Christmas Prince’.

Amber, a junior editor for a magazine in New York. She is just looking for that break to become a real journalist. Until her boss calls her in to her office and tells Amber she need her to travel cover a scandal prince’s coronation. Only to end up sneaking into the castle and say she is the new tutor for Princess Emily. Where she meets the prince. Someone who seems not as the tabloids has described him as. He loves his sister, who is sick and wheelchair bound. Amber treats her like any other child which makes the Princess like her and she doesn’t like anyone. Princess Emily is quite rude but she is also very charming when she can be and she isn’t scared telling anyone to piss off.

But exactly how long would it take for Amber to get caught in her lie? And writing about the Prince at the same time lying about being the Princess tutor. We all know this is a recipe for disaster. But as we all know, we know exactly this type of films always ends in one way but we can’t stop watching it anyway.

‘A Christmas Prince’ is a fun film for the entire family but cause of the story I’d say dont let a child under 10 see it. It’s a really cute and fun film. Rose does a excellent job in her role as Amber as she always does when I see her in TV-shows or different films.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Rose McIver – Amber (The Lovely Bones, iZombie, Flowers in the Attic 2, The Piano)
  • Ben Lamb – Prince Richard (Divergent, Now You See Me 2, The White Queen, Victoria)
  • Alice Krige – Queen Helena (Thor: The Dark World, Star Trek; First Contact, Silent Hill, Sleepwalkers)
  • Honor Kneafsey – Princess Emily (Miss You Already, Our Zoo, Crooked House)
  • Sarah Douglas – Mrs Averill (Displacement, Emmerdale, Strippers vs Werewolves, Attack the Gryphon)
  • Emma Louise Saunders – Lady Sophia (Skin Deep, Artificial White, The Royals)
  • Theo Devaney – Simon (Supernatural, Run, Psych, Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Alex Zamm, a director with 24 movies/shorts/tvshows under his belt with excellent directing skills. You might have seen known films as Crown for Christmas, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Inspector Gadget 2, The Wonderful World of Disney and many more.


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Netflix Original: The Foreigner (2017) **REVIEW**

We seen Jackie Chan in different movies but we haven’t seen him in a film like this. ‘The Foreigner’ touches a subject that you guess been done before but mainly by Hollywood. ‘The Foreigner’ takes place in London in the start of the film, Quan is a single dad with a teenage daughter owning a Chinese takeaway. He’s been a citizen in Britain since 1980’s. He drives his daughter to a shop so she can buy her dress for the school dance.

Quan seems like a nice, loving & devoted father. She runs in to the shop while he parks. Little to their knowing, someone places a bomb. It goes off. Quan get’s mildly injured but his daughter, not so lucky. She dies on impact and he is besides himself. All he wants from here is to know the names of the people who places the bomb. IRA takes credit for the attack.

Quan travels to Belfast to talk to Liam Hennesy – a Irish government official, who’s also a former IRA member. But you are never really former are you? Quan knows he knows the names or has a hunch who it could be but Mr Hennesy refuses to give out the names for he is hunting the people too. But Quan got a set of skills that no one saw coming. It starts small. A bomb in his office as a warning but then they get bigger.

Quan is a former special forces in Chinese Army so that sets a little scare in Liam Hennesy. At the same time Liam have to deal with Quan he also has to find out who detonated the bombs. British government and Irish are desperate to find out but who finds the people first?


‘The Foreigner’ is a really good crime drama from Jackie Chan. We could see he still does his own stunts, in his age, it couldn’t have been easy to say the least. But he delivered a brilliant performance. We see Pierce Brosnan as Liam Hennesy and I have to say, this is one of his better roles. Highly recommended.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Katie Leung – Fan (Harry Potter -franchise. Father Brown. T2. One Child)
  • Jackie Chan – Quan Ngoc Minh (Karate Kid, Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour, Who am I)
  • Rufus Jones – Ian Wood (The Casual Vacancy, W1A, The Ghoul. Tracy Ullman’s Show)
  • Mark Tandy – Simpson (The Crown, Bidget Jones, Maurice, Dad’s Army, Silent Witness)
  • Aaron Monaghan – Pat Nugent (Assasins Creed, Vikings, Pan, Patrick’s Day, Jack Taylor: Priest)
  • Pierce Brosnan – Liam Hennessy (The World Isnt Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, Mama Mia, IT)
  • Charlie Murphy – Maggie/Sara McKay (Philomena, The Village, Happy Valley)
  • Orla Brady – Mary Hennessy (Fringe, Sinbad, Mistresses, Servants, Into the Badlands)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Martin Campbell, born in New Zealand 1943, he’s the man behind so many excellent movies such as Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro, Edge of Darkness, Warriors. If you haven’t checked out his work yet, you should.



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