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I saw this movie few days ago and it was amazing.. It got the typical hero, bad guy and pretty lady.

Blood and bone is about this guy who promised his cell mate, who died in prison, to take care of his wife and son. The guy nickname is Bone, we don’t get to know his name only nickname. He locates the son and wife, only one catch. The wife is hooked on crack and with this bad guy who doesn’t like the word “No”. The son is with a woman who took him after social services placed him.. Bone tries to get her away from her new bad news boyfriend so she can meet her son again and get free from drugs.

Bone does everything to help these people and lands himself in trouble. Will he be able to save her?

I would really recommend for you to see this movie, it’s amazing.. Contains strong violence and language so if you’re under 16, I’d say, I wouldn’t recommend for you to see it.




I saw the first movie when it got released back in 2008, and I got hooked. I knew there was a second movie but I was never sure if I wanted to see it. Because we all know, a second movie usually disappoints. But not this one, it was just as good as the first one. It got more or less the same plot as the first one.


The Beatdown is making a comeback, and 2 guys, 1 wrestler and 1 boxer, been invited to participate but first they need to learn MMA. They get sent to Case Walker, a guy who was the raising star of MMA but suddenly disappered and now he is training MMA to 2 other guys. The wrestler and the boxer are like 2 deers in headlights but manage to learn the ropes. Case trains 4 guys and they help him get a new place to train, since Case is being harrassed by the police. We all remember Max from the first movie, he is the this second one, and he is the guy who bringed back The Beatdown and gets an offer from Case to hold it at his new location. We get to see alot of emotional and laughter during the movie, growing and scary bits of reality.

I would recommend this movie to anyone, but not anyone above 15/18 (depends where in the world you are) since there is alot of blood and bone breaking in this movie.



Incredible fight scene from the movie:

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