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Creed (2015) **REVIEW**

As some of you may have heard this film features Rocky Balboa – and now you’re thinking great another Rocky movie. Let me stop you right there. Yes, this film features Rocky but he is not the main character this time. And if you’re scared of spoilers – please do not continue reading this post.

Adonis Johnson – a troubled kid who want somewhere to belong. One day in juvenile detention his late fathers wife takes Adonis in as her own to give him somewhere to belong he moves in with her in L.A. Several years later – he is doing well for himself but he loved boxing. And he boxes in Mexico. As Adonis tries to have a trainer in L.A to train him – nobody seems to want to take on that job.

So he quits his job and moves. To Philadelphia. He tracks down Rocky Balboa and trying to have him to train him. As Adonis trying to convince Rocky to train him as he wants to be trained by the best – Rocky finds out who his father is – Apollo Creed. A few days go by and Rocky decides to help him and it’s not long before the media finds out who Adonis is and he gets offered a fight of his lifetime – if he agrees to change his name to Creed.


Creed is an excellent film with a great story line and excellent actors. We see some old timers regulars from Rocky Balboa films. I wouldn’t say it’s a family film due to violence and blood. But you should most definitely see this film this year.

You see actors like Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Tony Bellew and many more.


Fruitvale Station **REVIEW**

I came across this on Netflix one evening and thought I’d watch this. Movies based on true events like this can be difficult to make. To catch someones life and put it in a movie for the audience to actually say they liked can be difficult. But this one was good, but I’d like to see more what happened after.

Oscar Grant was a 22 year old man who haven’t had the easiest in his life but he got friends, family, girlfriend and daughter who loves him and she shows them he cares. We get to see his last 2-3 days in life before a horrible accident that would cost him his life. We get to see fast what happened that night when Oscar was shoot. Sure it was alot happening but the officers where acting hostile for no reason but that doesn’t justify what happened. I would say you should see it. I’m not in the states so I didn’t really hear about this but I still couldn’t help to feel sorry for his daughter.. she will never know her father.


You will see actors like Michael B Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer, Ahna O’Reilly and many more in the movie about Oscar Grants last days.


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