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Thor: Ragnarok (2017) **REVIEW**

When we first met Thor he was basically a party boy who wouldn’t listen to his father’s advice. Everything was a game to him. Then he got into the Avengers. But we never understood Thor’s powers, til Ragnarok.


Thor is out in the universe looking for the infinity stones but when he comes back to Asgaard something isn’t exactly right.. but it doesn’t take him long to figure out what. Dear  old Loki – God of mischief. He had put Odin in New York and took his place. And this is where Thor meets Dr Strange who tells him where Odin is – Norway. But they need to hurry, Odin is sick. And here is where the biggest secret Odin kept from everyone. Odin has a daughter. We all thought Thor was the first-born but no. Hela is the first-born. Back when her and Odin ruled the 9 realms by fear and blood. Odin kept her imprisoned for her thirst for blood and war grew stronger. Soon as Odin had taken his goodbye to his boys he passed. And so the gateway to Hela’s prison opened up.

So now Thor & Loki gotta fight her but something goes wrong on the way back to Asgaard. Thor gets taken captive so fight in an arena, very similar to Gladiators. Where he meets… wait for it… HULK. So they gotta fight each other but here’s where things get interesting. Hulk doesn’t remember much so what happened really when Banner left? We get a taste test of Thor’s true powers because Hela DESTROYED the hammer.

Thor knows that only way for him to get Asgaard back from Hela and save the people is for team up with Hulk, Loki and a woman. A woman who captured him and sold him to the games. He heard by rumor that she is a Asgaardian, when he see’s her tattoo. Her knows EXACTLY who she is – Valkyrie

Thor is filled with great humor, wit and the thing that always works – awesome fighting scenes. I am most impressed by how we finally got to see Thor’s true powers and they work but I am sure we get to see more of it when Avangers come out with new film I think next year. Take your friends and go see Thor: Ragnarok today, it’s absolutely amazing.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Chris Hemworth – Thor (Thor, Avengers, Rush, Ghostbusters, The Huntsman: Winter’s War)
  • Tom Hiddleston – Loki (Thor, Avengers, Night Managers, Kong: Skull Island, Crimon Peak)
  • Cate Blanchett – Hela (Lord of the Rings, The Curious Case of: Benjamin Button, The Hobbit, How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Idris Elba – Heimdall (Dark Tower, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Thor, Zootropolis)
  • Jeff Goldblum – Grandmaster (Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Portlandia, Mortdecai, Le week-end)
  • Tessa Thompson – Valkyrie (Dear White People, Creed: The Rocky Legacy, When a Stranger Calls, Westworld)
  • Karl Urban – Skurge (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Dredd, The Bourne Supremacy, Riddick, Thor)
  • Mark Ruffalo – Bruce Banner/Hulk (Avengers, Shutter Island, Spotlight, Now You See Me)
  • Anthony Hopkins – Odin (Hannibal, Red Dragon, Thor, The Elephant Man, Transformers: The Last Knight)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch – Dr Strange (The Imitation Game, Dr Strange, Black Mass, Hobbit, Star Trek: Into Darkness)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Taika Waititi started out as an actor but now he mainly does writing and directing. He is known for directing films such as; Thor: Ragnarok, The Inbetweeners, Boy. Make sure you check him out.

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Doctor Strange (2016) **REVIEW**

Here we have another Marvel comic turned into a Hollywood movie, sometimes they nail it and sometimes they manage to disappoint the Marvel fans.

“Doctor Strange” is about, well a Doctor by the name of Stephen Strange an egotistical man who believes he’s the best in everything and people should bow down to him. Until one day he’s in a car crash, his surgical hands ruined by the crash. So you know the ego he got he will try everything to fix his hands even if he have to go absolutely broke to do it. He ends up in Katmandu learning the art of magic. And because of the man he is, he is expecting to have everything handed to him but he does end up studying and learning.

And of course the film got a bad guy, Kaecilius, he has a delusion of bringing the dark world into our world and thinking everything will be okay. So the other sorcerers have to work together to stop this man, it just won’t be so easy.

If you keep watching even after it ended you will see a scene with Doctor Strange and Thor having a conversation about…. well, have a look at the scene and see for yourself.

Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton and many more.

Deadpool (2016) **REVIEW**

We have all seen the interviews with Ryan Reynolds and how he tried to get this movie produced and make and took them 10 years just to get an okay from the studio to make it and the result is purely epic. Yes this film have a lot of cursing, sex and high violence.

Wade is a former special forces operative who now rough people up for payment and one day he meets a girl. Everything is all good and amazing until he gets the news no one wants to get: cancer. And to survive he takes the chance to become better in an experiment procedure leaving Wade disfigured but also the ability to heal quickly and this – grow a new hand for example if he looses his. Wade transforms himself into Deadpool and trying to find Ajax – the guy who transformed him to the guy he is now because he want to go back to his normal looks. But finding Ajax isn’t so easy as it seems to be. Deadpool is in the same universe as X-men and we see two of them helping Deadpool and trying to get him to come over to their side and fight with them.

During the film we see all sorts of references to Ryan Reynolds himself, to Wolverine and Hugh Jackman. We also see a lot of violence and gore. Remember Deadpool is R-Rated for a reason.

Would I recommend Deadpool? Yes I would. Go and see it soon as you can. It’s one of the must see’s for 2016 and it’s just amazingly done and the script is good. Deadpool basically is dark humor for adults so if you want your kids – make sure they’re above 12.

You see actors like Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Brianna Hildebrand, Kyle Cassie, Naika Toussaint, Stefan Kapicic and many more.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Spoiler alert

So this weekend I went to see the new Captain America movie at the cinema. I been so excited about this movie for such a long time and been waiting on it and waiting.

Not only does this movie got amazing action it got unexpected twists and storyline to it. Remember HYDRA in the first movie? Yeah, they are back in this movie.


While Steve Rogers settles into the new century he woke up in, S.H.I.E.L.D is under attack so Mr Captain America and Natasha works together with a former army guy, with some serious cool wings, to try and figure out why, who and what is trying to attack S.H.I.E.L.D and why do anyone wanna arrest Captain America?

The Winter Soldier is a guy who’s been a ghost for 50 years, no one know’s who he is or where he comes from. Until he attacks Captain America. Who he is – is an very unexpected twist. But surely, you will figure it out who he is when you see the movie.

This movie got some serious action, blowing up things and of course some smexy men in tight outfits ;)


Lately I been seeing on the cinema alot of amazing trailers and I think this year Marvel is bringing their A-game to the cinema. Alot of amazing stuff coming from them this year. Am I the only one who’s excited about the new X-Men movie this summer!?

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