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Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) **REVIEW**

We all jumped on the hype when the very first Transformers film was released, we all thought it was awesome. I can say I do miss seeing original actors in the latest ones, specially this one..

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ we see the world in dismay when it comes to Transformers, they are now considered illegal and to be hunted and killed on sight. Cade Yeager is now a fugitive and living in an Indian reservoir and giving sanctuary to some of the robots. We get to see flashbacks to old England – Camelot, King Arthur & Merlin. Yeager travels to England after being sent for, a secret society have kept the Transformers secret for CENTURIES. descendants from the knights of Camelot. We also get to see the robots home world and that thing isn’t pretty or nice. So that world is travelling to our world to destroy it to become more powerful.

As always, we get to see an epic battle, last descendant from Merlin himself. More Transformers we haven’t seen before to fight next to everyone. And at the end, they gave a hint that it might be another film. ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ was a good film but by now they are predictable. You get scenes that are absolutely funny due to Anthony Hopkins and his feisty, psycho robot. They where a fresh air.

Other than all that, yes it was a good action film but not one of their best ones.

Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel, Laura Haddock, Isabela Moner, Stanley Tucci and many more.


Patriots Day (2016) **REVIEW**

We all know the tragic events that happened in Boston, U.S in April 2013 during a marathon. I can never forget the images that was shown on the news and in news papers. I live in Europe, have been for all my life but seeing event and people who lost their lives, it can’t be described.

‘Patriots Day’ takes you behind the scenes of that day. We get to see the police investigation and get to know the officers and their resilience into finding these men. All it took and the injured along the way, there was no stopping the officers. The men doing the deed probably thought they where never going to be caught and kept being outside and driving around, shooting others and kidnapping others like it’s no big deal. It makes you think – what are people really capable of when twisted enough!?

What inspired me with ‘Patriots Day’ was anyone can come together when in need and nothing is impossible long as you work together as a team. In the end of the film we get to see the victims and in their words describe what was going through their mind.

Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Rhet Kidd, John Goodman, Christopher O’Shea, Rachel Brosnahan, Jake Picking and many more.

Deepwater Horizon (2016) **REVIEW**

In April 2010 a disaster happened on an American oil drilling rig – an explosion, losing a lot of people and came to be the worst oil spill in U.S history. This is the story of that event.

Mike Williams working at an oil rig as an engineer, he was on a Skype call with his wife when the incident that was going to change so many lives happened. During the film we get to see how two men from the company who runs the rig where pressuring the workers to test and test and push the drill to the point it exploded. The workers were told to ignore the results of the test and only do one test and start drilling. So what happens? It explodes. Now it’s up the crew of the rig to send a S.O.S, lucky them in a way, when a ship who picked up some oil still where close and saw the explosion and started picking up survivors from the ocean as they where jumping in. We see the crew being brave, fighting own injuries to find survivors so they can be taken to the boats and to safety.

As I was watching Deepwater Horizon I felt their pain and need to survive through the actors who did a excellent job. It’s not easy to do based on real event movies, some just turn out to be God awful but this one was very good and the desperation and need to live where captured so amazingly from the actors. In the end of the film we get to see clips of the people who was lost in the accident and people who survived!


Actors; Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Douglas M Griffin, James DuMont, Joe Chrest, Gina Rodriguez, John Malkovich, J.D Evermore,  Dylan O’Brien and many more.

The real event:

Action/Adventure Week: Lone Survivor (2013) **REVIEW**

I first saw this film at the cinema when it was released and my eyes was glued to the screen. The story in this film is just purely amazing.

Marcus Luttrell and his team of guys is out on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan to capture or kill a notorious Taliban leader. But when they are doing their reckon a couple of goat farmers stumble on them but the men set on setting them free and keep going. Before they know it – an army of Taliban’s with HEAVY weaponry comes after them and they will have to fight for their lives. They run, getting shot, losing fingers, breaking legs. A rescue team are being sent out for them but they get shut down. The boys are left to fight for themselves. One by one they get taken down and Marcus have to fight for himself. Marcus gets help from a tribe who are peaceful and just want the Taliban’s to go away. They keep Marcus safe while they send one of their own to the American’s base for help.

The tribe that helped him did so because of an 2,000 year old code of honor – Pashtunwali. It requires a tribe to undertake the responsibility of safeguarding an individuals against his enemies and protecting him by all cost.

This story is powerful, it make you cringe due to the gunfight and excellent details in injuries and blood. But it’s a story that has to be told. This event happened in real live, June 2005. So if you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. You won’t regret it. Expect tearing up 90% of the film.

You see actors like Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitch, Emile Hirch, Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Alexander Ludwig, Rich Ting and many more.

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