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The Revenant (2015) **REVIEW**

When The Revenant was released we all started to read about the incredible story of Hugh Glass and his terrible encounter with the bear. I have read a lot of reviews and stories about how they compare the real story to the film version. For film purposes they made it little more violent and more intense for the effect. But tried to keep it to the story as much as possible. What I am fascinated about with this film was that the director decided to film in Canada under -25C conditions and only using day light when filming, so they filmed around 90 minutes a day. He wanted the actors to feel the conditions the people did to give the best performance.

A frontiersman is on a trading expedition during 1820’s. He ends up having to fight for his life when he gets attacked and mauled by a bear. His other expedition friends thought him to be dead but had a low pulse and slow breathing. They decide to try to save him and get him back to the end stop. But he’s too much for a reliability so his son and two more decide to take him on and get him back slower. But one of them feel like he’s just in the way, kills his son and tries to kill him.

But he’s not easily killed. He wakes up after a few hours and crawls most of the way back til he meets a friendly native who makes him little better so he can travel by horse. Will he get his revenge for his son’s murder? A fathers drive for revenge have never been greater.

Actors: Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Forrest Goodluck, Paul Anderson, Kristoffer Joner and many more.



I finally got around to see this movie at Netflix last night. I missed it when it was at the cinema and I always wanted to see it since. And I loved the movie, it was amazing.

Django is a slave who gets free with a little help from a German bounty hunter DR King Schultz. Django ends up working with him and catching guy who got a bounty on their head. When they have got a certain amount of money, they go after a plantation owner who have Django’s wife – Broomhilda. She was owned by German speakers, they gave her a German name and teached her German, so she can speak it. Which will work as an advantage for them..  So they set of to get her out of there.

Django have always had a mind of his own, he doesn’t think before he acts. And that will get him into trouble. Schultz taught him how to speak, act and shoot a gun.

I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants to see it, it’s amazing. But be aware to see Quentin Tarantino horrible acting, but over all. The movie was really amazing.

You see actors like Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L Jackson & Walton Goggins + many more.

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