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Krampus (2015) **REVIEW**

I know it’s not Christmas but I couldn’t pass on watching this film when I had the chance. Been wanting to see it since December and I got all giddy I had to watch it and boy – I was not disappointed. The wait was all worth it.


Max is a boy who believes in Christmas, Santa and all that comes with. Christmas is coming round the corner, his mother’s sister and her husband + kids are coming to spend the holidays with Max, his sister Beth, his mother Sarah and father Tom. These two parts family doesn’t go along very well but they suffer through because it’s Christmas. During first night dinner two of the cousins find Max’s letter to Santa and mocks him… so Max gets upset, runs to his room and tear up the letter and wish for something he will sooner regret. His grandmother starts telling a story about Krampus and how he took everyone away.

Soon as you lose all hope during Christmas, Krampus and his helpers are coming to town. And now the family who hate each other have to work together to stay alive and make sure no one gets hurt. But how easy is it when you have killer Christmas cookies shooting pins at you? A giant jack in the box trying to eat you and a psychotic giant bear.

You see actors like Emjay Anthony, Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Stefania LaVie Owen, Krista Stadler, Conchata Ferrell, David Koechner and many more.


A Christmas Horror Story (2015) **REVIEW**

A Christmas Horror Story is a little different. It got 4 stories told by one radio host and these stories are weaved together.

A mother and father is out with their son to get a tree home from the woods. But their son goes missing in the woods. But when they find him again he’s not himself. Like they’re a little scared of him. But question here is – is that their son or someone pretending to be him?

Santa workshop the elf’s are going insane and dying but coming back to life. Elf’s can’t die. So what is making them zombie like aggressive blood thirsty? Santa have to get to his sledge and he have to go through he entire workshop. But what is causing the elf’s to go absolute cucko cucko?

3 kids break in to a part of their school that been closed down since last year when other kids spent the night in that part and was found dead the next day. So these kids want to make a journalist video about the massacre a year later but they get locked in to this part of school and soon weird stuff is happening. But why are they happening and who is doing it? A psycho killer?

A family goes on a trip to their old aunt. But she doesn’t know that they are coming. Just five minutes after they arrived they get kicked out. So arguing in the car the tire blows and they are stuck. So they are walking back to their aunts house but something is chasing them? Someone says Krampus – krampus hunts wicked people. So why have this family been wicked?

This family is quite good and well done. I would recommend this to any horror fan who would love to see this one.

You see actors like William Shatner, George Buza, Rob Archer, Zoe De Grand Maison, Alex Ozerov, Amy Forsyth, Adrian Holmes, Orion John and many more.

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