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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa **REVIEW**

I first saw this at the cinema when it came out and I never laughed so hard.. I figured I’d watch it again to trig my memory and have a good laugh because well, Johnny Knoxville. When we first saw bad grandpa was in The Jackass series and they decided to make a movie with just bad grandpa. And it’s hilarious. The people are unaware that they are being filmed and pranked but they also gave the movie a storyline.

Irving is a 86 year old man who just lost his wife and all of the sudden his daughter comes by to drop of her son because she’s going to jail again. Irving decides to drop off his grandson Billy as his fathers house. So they’re going on a roadtrip and gets into¬† all kind of trouble. Billy is a 8 year old boy who’s just like his grandfather and both of them put people in awkward positions. But you will laugh during the entire movie and see Billy and Irving do weird stuff during their trip. If you haven’t seen it yet but like Jackass, watch it. You’ll love it.

You see actors like Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicoll, Greg Harris & Georgina Cates.






As we all know the new Turtles movie have it’s split reviews. Some liked it and even more hated it. How I see it is, they needed to modernise the movie for the new kids out there who haven’t seen the older movies and series. I grew up with the older Turtles and I’ve seen the new movie. I’m all open for new ideas and modern older legends.

Now, I wasn’t too happy to see Megan Fox as April though, they could have casted that role better. But they did manage to catch the turtles old personalities perfectly, I’m glad they didn’t change that. The movie made me smile and laugh, action was amazing. Sure, learning ninja from a book part – but hey, how where they suppose to learn? Actual Martial Art school!? Personally I really liked the movie. It was witty and nicely redone, maybe a little masculine bodies on the turtles but somehow they managed to catch Splinter nice.


The movie catches the beginning of it all. When they first made their appearance and save the people of NYC and when they first met April and learned who they should thank for saving them in a great fire. The movie isn’t just funny with alot of action, it’s cute as well. The humour is amazing. We get to meet Shredder and him wanting to destroy everything so Eric Sacks can save the day.. But first they need to manage to catch the turtles.


I would recommend and see the movie and get your own opinion about the movie and not listen to the others. Like I said above, I personally liked the movie. I don’t see anything wrong with giving something so awesome a new look so the kids can get introduced to them. I know my siblings didn’t grow up with the same turtles as me. Fully recommended. And now, please would you all stop being so closed minded? It’s made for the kids today :)


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