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The Boy Next Door (2015) **REVIEW**

When it comes to falling for temptation, we all been there. If it’s that last piece of chocolate cake or those shoes that made you drool. But falling for the next door neighbors nephew and not knowing who he actually is.

Claire is a teacher at the high school and one day the neighbors nephew moves in. Claire can’t help but to feel some sort of attraction to him. She is in the middle of a divorce so she feels vulnerable and one evening he calls her to help him with the chicken.. One thing leads to another but something isn’t right. Noah, the neighbors nephew, got a dark side and Claire is about to get to know it.

Noah befriends Clairs son Kevin and before she know it Kevin’s attitude changes. Noah is a huge in fluent on Kevin and he isĀ  changing Kevin. And soon enough everyone see who Noah is because his violent behaviour is effecting everybody.

The film itself is a little predictable. Story is alright. Maybe if a different actress played Claire would be a better film. I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez.

You see actors like Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Ian Nelson, John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth and many more.


Home (2015) **REVIEW**

We all have heard about this film with Jim Parsons (The big Bang Theory) and Rihanna in the lead roles. It’s a cute and amazing story for all ages.

Boov are an alien race that are small and purple – incredibly cute. They change color according to their emotions. The Boovs are on the run from nasty alien race who chases them down where ever they are. So the Boov found a new planet. Planet earth. So the Boov place the humans somewhere else so the Boov can live there.

Oh is a Boov and a little different from the other Boovs, so the others won’t talk to him or want to be near him. But Oh doesn’t care, he sends a e-vite for his house warming party. Instead of sending the invite to the Boovs he sends it to EVERYONE. Includes every race out there in the galaxy.

So with this mistake Oh have to hide and find a human who haven’t been moved – Tip. A teenage girl. Both Oh and Tip find a incredible friendship in each other when they are trying to help each other. Tip want to find her mother so Oh is helping her. They get to learn alot from each other and a friendship is born.

Voice actors: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Jones and many more.


Enough (2002) **REVIEW**

Enough is a film about a woman who’s getting abused by her husband and she have to run and fight for her life on her own without any help. It’s a strong film and a subject like this is an important one. Jennifer Lopez plays the female lead role, usually I don’t like her as an actor but she’s very convincing in this film.

Slim a waitress in a charming diner meets this guy Mitch when he defends her when another guy trying to hit on her and Mitch comes off as this prince charming in white shining armor. They have this big extravagant wedding, a big house and a child. Seems like the perfect relationship with the perfect guy. But.. a wife knows when something isn’t right. He avoids being with her in the shower and hides calls. She investigates and confronts him. She gets upset – like any wife would be but he thinks it’s not her right to be upset. Like he can do what he likes. She ends up with a black eye and threats. So she does what every strong woman would do. Run! Takes their daughter and runs. But he hunts them down relentlessly. Slim knows she have to take the fight to him and defend herself.

You see actors like Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell, Juliette Lewis, Noah Wyle, Christopher Maher and many more.

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