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Mother’s Day (2016) **REVIEW**

We all have our different ideas on how mothers day should be celebrated. Even if some don’t have their mothers with them anymore, mothers day is something that should be remembered. But what if you’re divorced and your dad have a new awesome cool wife? How would you go around it? We are all different and do Mother’s Day differently. That is the point of Mothers Day, it should be celebrated differently.

And different is what these characters of the movie Mothers Day is doing. We have 4 different families in this film. So I’m going to break it down to you in 4 different shorts and how they flow together. So this might get long and little confusing but keep reading, I’ll try and make it short and sweet.

  1. Sandy is a divorce mother with two sons, the father is the one who takes the boys to fun things and she’s the one who does the boring. One day he comes and says he’s married, to Tina. The boys like her but Sandy isn’t sure. She gets very annoyed. And trying to get a new job with…  Miranda. A Tv personality.
  2. Jesse and her sister Gabi lives door to door to each other. They moved from their parents because Gabi is into ladies and Jesse married someone their mother didn’t approve and was slighly racist to (he’s from India) so you can imagine this mess when their parents decide to drop in as a surprise.
  3. Zack & Kristin who have been together for 5 years, have a gorgoues little girl together and Zack is trying to make it as a comedian. Both work in a bar, live in small place but all Kristin wants is to find her birth mom.
  4. Bradley is a single dad with two daughters. They lost their wife/mom in the war and ever since they been heartbroken and Bradley is maybe not refusing but don’t want to move on.His oldest is a teen so all those emotions and first boyfriend is here and he cannot handle it.

So here’s how it goes together. Sandy met Bradley in Supermarket when he was buying tampons for his oldest and she also had a breakdown in the parking lot so ever since Bradley been avoiding Sandy. Jesse knows Kristin from mothers group where she also meets Sandy quickly and they talk about getting married and how scared Kristin is to getting married. Their stories flows together in one way or another but we see these people trying to keep it together for the kids sake but in the end: DISASTER!

Mother’s Day is a funny & very star filled movie. It had it’s funny moments and where you just wanted to close your eyes and not look. In the end it’s worth watching because you will find yourselves recognize yourself in one or two characters.

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Shay Mitchell, Hector Elizondo, Christine Lakin, Kate Hudson, Aasif Mandvi, Robert Pine, Sarah Chalke, Jason Sudeikis, Jack Whitehall and many more.


The Angry Birds Movie (2016) **REVIEW**

We all know angry birds as a game and it blew up as this big thing. I played it once or twice but I never really jumped on the angry birds train. So when I heard that they where going to make a movie of the game I was simply wondering how would they make it and how would it come of as. I saw it earlier this day and I have to say they managed to make it quite nicely. It had its very funny moments and I was just sitting and laughing til I cried.

Red is was abandoned before he was hatched and was made fun of because of his huge eyebrows so he kept to himself since he was little. Which made him into an angry person and very lonely. Til one day he was told by the judge to attend angry management classes. Which he is hating. During one class he and the others hear some noise and everyone is running to the beach where a boat is coming in. Filled with pigs and of course destroys Red’s house that he have built at the beach.

Red is very cautious about these new arrivals and he is suspicious. But everyone else seem to be very welcoming and throws a party. The island welcome the pigs and Red is the only one who doesn’t trust them. Til one night when the pigs throws a party for the birds to only steal their eggs. So of course Red takes help from two other birds, Bomb & Chuck from anger management class to track down Mighty Eagle. A former local hero.

The island turns to Red to come up with a plan to rescue the eggs. Because Red was the only bird who saw for who they where and others didn’t. So now Red have to come up with a rescue plan to save those eggs that the pigs want to eat!

Voices: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, Sean Penn, Keegan-Michael Key and many more.

Comedy Week: We’re the Millers (2013) **REVIEW**

Another week means a new theme for the blog and this week til the 10th is comedies. I know I should’ve kicked it off yesterday but I was sick in bed so I’m going to make it up to you with this hilarious movie: We’re the Millers.

A loser drug dealer David, gets robbed when he tries to help his neighbor Kenny from not getting beating down when he tries to help a girl. So when David’s boss calls and wants his share of the sales he doesn’t have the cash. So his boss tells him there is a way he can repay him – by going down to Mexico and get a shipment of weed. So get everything back without getting caught David gets a “brilliant” idea – fake family. So David gets the neighbor boy -Kenny, the girl Kenny helped – Casey & the stripper who lives next door – Rose to help. And we all know this can be a recipe for disaster but it might work in the end! There is a lot of awkward moments when you don’t know if you should laugh or hide your face in a pillow. Everything goes well on the road to Mexico but on the road home – is a different matter.  And that’s when all the fun stuff happens and awkward moments.

You will love it and it’s hilarious. Not sure how many times I laughed but my face it hurting.

You see actors like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Ed Helms, Tomer Sisley and many more.


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