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Sextape the movie **REVIEW**

Sextape is about a couple, Annie & Jay, who lost the magic they had in the beginning. Before the children, before the house. One day Annie’s blog is getting bought so she want to celebrate with her husband Jay. The evening don’t go as they planned so Annie comes up with an idea – let’s make a sextape and let’s video it with this iPad.  What can go wrong with that idea? Jay doesn’t think that iPad will sync with other iPad they gave away to their family and friends, so that sextape is now in their tablet too. Jay is getting mysterious texts from someone who seen it and he is desperate to find out – he tells Annie and they starting a quest to get those iPad’s back and find out who’s sending texts. Now, what go wrong here?

The movie is incredibly hilarious and Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are so good in this movie. I would recommend this to anyone who’s been having ideas of seeing it. You will laugh and have WTF moments, all part of this quirky and fun comedy.

You see actors like Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Coddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe, Nat Faxon and many more.




I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this movie, it’s purely amazing. Good for those rainy days and watch with your kids. Movie goes for anyone between the ages 4-90. Adult or kid, you’ll love this. And you will fall in love with those minions.

Gru is a villain who is desperate to come out of the small villain category and he wants to steal the moon. He tried to get a loan from the bank but he needs a prototype shrink ray. Gru gets an idea to adopt 3 little girls to steal a shrink ray to be able to steal the moon. But what he doesn’t count on is that he is starting to fall in love with the girls!! Will he be able to steal the moon?

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you really should. It’s amazing and hilarious. As voice actors you will hear people such as: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews & Will Arnett – just to mention a few.


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