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The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) **REVIEW**

Back in 1940’s there was a number on murders happening in a small town between Texas & Arizona, they shared state line. Police couldn’t solve the mystery of the murders and one day they just stopped and everything went back to normal. What happened got a film and a lot of media coverage.

But now over 60 years later someone is murdering again, having the same mask and clothes as the original murderer got. Basically becoming a copy cat. First attack a teenage boy was murdered but his girlfriend survived, the killer wanted her to tell a story about Mary. But in the articles and files from police about the killings there’s no mention about Mary so now the true journalism digging begins.

Who is Mary? And why does the killer want this girl to tell the story of Mary? She visits people who have a sort of connection to the original murders and seeing town cooks to find answers. And one of the most important question of the film is; Who is the killer? And why start-up now again after nearly 70 years?

The film is an okay film. Script is good and acting is mediocre but the film as a whole is nowhere near horror or thriller as the description might tell it is. It got gore and really violent scenes and sexual content.

Actors: Addison Timlin, Veronica Cartwright, Anthony Anderson, Travis Tope, Joshua Leonard, Andy Abele, Gary Cole, Edward Hermann and more.


Tammy **REVIEW**

This movie got recommended for me by a friend. So I thought I’d give it a go. Both me and my husband couldn’t stop laughing. Melissa McCarthy did this movie so well. She never stops to amaze me with her roles. Just like her cousing, Jenny McCarthy, she is one funny woman.

Tammy… A woman with a dead end job and shit husband. She gets to work late one day and finds herself fired, comes home and the husband (played by Nat Faxon) have dinner with another woman – the next door neighbour (played by Toni Collete). Tammy gets in one of her moods and decides to leave the town. Her grandmother (played by Susan Sarandon) comes with her. Along their travel they have adventures that ends up with giant laughter for the audience. Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy is an amazing comedy team. I love when women have the lead role in comedies, they are just as good and the men.

You see people such as Kathy Bates, Dan Aykroyd, Gary Cole and Sandra Oh in supporting roles. Entire movie Tammy is well cast and you are up for some laughter. I would recommend this movie to anyone who asks, but keep in mind there are some language and sexual content in the movie.

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