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The Conjuring 2 (2016) **REVIEW**

Ed and Lorraine are known for investigating the paranormal as Lorraine can contact the dead and see them. They did an investigation of Amityville and that put them right in the public eye. As for when they were asked to help out a little girl in England and this haunting was one of the most diabolical and evil they encountered.

The second part of The Conjuring the meet Ed and Lorraine once more and this time, they are being asked to help out  in Enfield, England. A case that got a lot of attention in media. And this story is based on a true story. You can read various stories about that hunting by clicking HERE!

England in 1977 so much was going on the country but this one family: Hodgson’s family had a very difficult time. Their 11-year-old was subdued to an evil in the house. A single mom taking care of 4 children on her own, they are struggling in many ways and those families are very vulnerable to the paranormal. At first an expert are saying she is faking it because the paranormal isn’t true. Ed and Lorraine tell a different story. Janet is the 11-year-old girl who is being the victim in this story. First no one believes her until herself and her siblings are being levitated and thrown across the room. At first we think it’s only one spirit but throughout the film we get clues. Clues that are easy to miss. Something else is blocking visions for Lorraine, she can’t see or feel what’s in this house.

Questions is, how on earth are they going to help this family without getting seriously hurt? If a paranormal entity is this powerful to block it all from Lorraine, then who or more what are we dealing with? It all started with a game of Ouija. Lesson here is – DON’T!

Actors: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Madison Wolfe, Frances O’Connor, Simon McBurney, Franka Potente and many more.



Mercy **REVIEW**

I stumbled on this movie on Netflix, it caught my attention after I was reading about it and wanted to see it for myself.

George, his brother Joel and their mother Rebecca takes care of Rebecca’s mother after she has a some sort of stroke during a dinner. Joel wants to be a chef but no one seem to understand his cooking since it’s modern. George is like his grandmother, can see and understand what’s beyond, see what others can’t see. George starts to see and notice alot when he lives as he lives in his grandmothers house and takes care of her. The boys mother have 2 siblings – Lanning and Ginny. Ginny is the nuthouse and how she got there is a morbid story.. Ginny wanted to leave and marry a man she loved. But Mercy (the grandmother) didn’t like and when they where camping something horrible happened. They where attacked by something they called a bear. Now, what bear lives no tracks and all that was left of the guy could fit in a shoe box and Ginny was up in the tree and screaming and been in the nuthouse since.

George refuse to see the bad side of his grandmother, he wants to believe that she is good and that she couldn’t hurt anyone. But question is, did she do all of this or did someone else? Is she as bad as everyone tells him? And he gets curious.

You see actors like Dylan McDermott, Chandler Riggs, Mark Duplass, Frances O’Connor, Joel Courtney &, Shirley Knight. I would recommend this to anyone who likes horror with a bit of mystery and good story line.


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