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The Unfolding (2016) **REVIEW**

When it comes to horror so much is a bit of a disappointment today, none of it gets you scared but it got jumps but misses the point of horror. I came across ‘The Unfolding’ on Netflix the other day and I thought why not, because I had nothing better to do at that time, I went in with little expectations but left with a fast beating heart and feeling creeped out.

‘The unfolding’ is about a couple who goes to a house who are believed to be haunted, when they arrive another couple was already there but they decided to leave because they didn’t like what the house was doing. But they shook it off and started to set up the cameras. First night goes and everything seemed fine, til they got to the kitchen and everything was on the floor and the cutlery was STUCK on the wall. And then voices came. But it seemed gentle. Until their friend showed up and more activity started. Soon they get to see a reality from a local story about the house; a man took in his niece after her parents died, from the age of 8 til 18 he sexually abused her and on several occassions she gave birth to stillborn babies, those who wasn’t stillborn – got burned alive.

Creepy story right? ‘The Unfolding’ left me happily surprised when it came to creepy factor. I was home alone middle of night when I saw this and as you know, watching a horror when you are alone, your head plays tricks on you. I would 100% recommend this any horror fan.

It’s a found footage type of film, which some have problems with but give it a chance. Also, this film takes place during fall of 2016 and the world is about to hit a nuclear war.

Actors: Robert Dawes, Nick Julian, Lisa Kerr, Kitty McGeever, Lachlan Nieboer.


Hangar 10 (2014) **REVIEW**

When you hear found footage horror – you think ghosts, demon and paranormal don’t you? How often do you think aliens? Not often I can imagine!? Sure there isn’t a lot of found footage horror films out there that goes for alien category. But makers of Hangar 10 did and this film takes place in England. Usually England can do amazing action & drama, horrors isn’t their strong suit but this one was actually good.


It’s been 33 years since the UFO incident in Rendlesham ForestĀ  and 3 young explorers steps into that forest to find Saxon treasures. They document their entire expedition on tape and soon as night falls something weird is happening. Unexplainable lights and sounds. During their first night they try to get back to their car but sounds and lights are around where they parked their car, and soon as first light comes the car is gone. So now they have to try and find their way back out of the forest by foot and even more weird things are happening. They are slowly losing their minds and they are starting to see something they can’t explain.

So what is really going on in that forest? Are they able to find their way back or are they trapped forever with these lights and sounds that seems to be following them!?

Afflicted (2013) **REVIEW**

I was browsing on Netflix and found this. Thought it was interesting and it was quite good. The film is a found footage inspired film so expect alot of shaking and unclear images. Afflicted IMDb

Derek and Clif are best friends since teens, Derek gets diagnosed with a rare nerve disease in the brain and the two friends decides to go on a around the world trip and document the entire thing. First stop is Barcelona and they meet up with 2 friends from a band who are in Europe touring.. So Derek and Clif follows their friends to Paris and there Derek gets a girl back to the hotel. Clif and the other friends decides to cock block Derek and runs into the his hotel room. There they find Derek bitten, beating and barely breathing. But he wakes up fine but can’t remember anything.

Derek starts acting weird.. can’t eat food, super strong, super speed and can’t stand sunlight. While Derek is going through this transforming stage Clif and Derek trying to investigate what’s wrong with him.. During this they both breaks into a blood bank to see if it’s blood Derek needs, steals a ambulance. But in this ordeal Derek gets really hungry and kills his friend by accident. Derek now is in Italy and when he realize what he did. He now takes off to Paris to find the girl who did this to him.. Questions are.. What is wrong with Derek? Zombie? Vampire? Will he find the girl who did this to him? And Interpol is looking for him, so is he able to get away from them?

You see actors like Derek Lee, Clif Prowse, Michael Gill, Baya Rehaz, Benjamin Zeitoun and many more.

The Possession of Michael King **REVIEW**

I’ve heard mixed opinions about this movie so here I am seeing if it’s worth anything. I don’t mind seeing the bad ones – because you can’t see and think that every movie is any good.

Michael King loses his wife in a freak accident and it’s known that he doesn’t believe in God or the devil – which makes him an easy target for demonic possession. He starts his own investigation about the supernatural and anything demonic to prove if they exist or not. He’s looking at the darkest black magic out there – and we all know how that will end. And he’s doing interviews – interviewing this guy who prayed to the devil to make his father stop sexually assault him and he dies from a heart attack and then the guy he is interviewing begins to hear something.. He had put out cameras in his house to document anything that might happen while he is reading spells – dark spells. Now if there’s anything us horror fans know is that – don’t play with something you don’t know what it is and do not mock it.

The movie itself was filmed like the impression of found footage but still it wasn’t. Because no wobbly cameras or lower quality like found footage are. The movie is quite short and you don’t get eased into it like with horror movies so it begins fast. But it comes in waves – here and there. But would I recommend the movie? Sure, if you like this kind of movie. I think with Paranormal Activity opened alot of new doors for horror movies – some where actually good and some just plain out BAD. This one – is somewhere in the middle. I’ve seen a couple horror movies in my days – good ones, weird ones and bad ones. And this one was weird and bad at once.

You see actors like Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko, Tomas Arana, Luke Baines, Dale Dickey, Cullen Douglas and many more.

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