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Southpaw (2015) **REVIEW**

Southpaw is a dark and powerful drama that anyone should see. Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant  as the boxer Billy Hope.  He is a pro boxer who’s great but forgotten why he starting boxing and forgot about his talent.

During a a fight after a charity with a rival there’s gunshots going around – Billy’s wife Maureen is hit and dies in his arms. Now Billy have to take care of their daughter, house and bills. But since Billy took his wife’s passing very hard he lost his daughter to social services, lost his house and is broke.

Billy tries his luck at a gym he used to train at when he was younger so get his life back and remember why he started boxing. He tries his hardest to see his daughter – Billy still got visitation rights but supervised. The owner at this gym, Tick,  where Billy trains gets him a job to clean the place up and he gets to train when he likes. During Billy’s time at this gym he gets a chance to do a charity boxing game and wants to go back to pro boxing. He gets his chance and wants Tick to train him, because he could train Billy differently.. During his training period he gets more and more chances to see his daughter unsupervised.

During his fight that happens in Vegas you can see how he all of the sudden fights differently. Before the accident of his wife he fight mean and ugly. Now – he fights smart. Billy gets a chance to come back to life and have his daughter again.

Southpaw is a film everyone should see. It’s emotional and powerful. Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely brilliant and he could capture this boxer’s life perfectly. His daughter played by Oona Laurence did an outstanding job too. I admit I did cry at points because of these two actors had an amazing chemistry on screen.

You see actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Oona Laurence, Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, 50 Cent, Miguel Gomez, Naomie Harris and many more.


Taken 3 **REVIEW**

When I saw the trailer for Taken 3 I thought to myself “I thought they where ending it with the second one”. But somehow I needed to see it since I’ve seen the other 2 and huge fan of them. And I gotta say I got happily surprised by how good the third one was.

Bryan Mills thinks he will have a nice retirement and spending time with his daughter, but when he is being set up by someone for the murder of his ex-wife he needs to find out who did it while the police is on his tail looking for him. While he is searching he tries to keep his daughter Kim safe while looking for the real killer, which isn’t a easy task. But he is dead set on finding out the truth. He finds out that Leonore been out in the middle of nowhere and did she do there? While she was waiting on someone, she got snatched by someone with a tattoo on his hand. Since we all know Bryan, he will find out just by that.. But, he finds who did it but then a bomb is being dropped, the guy who did it, is working for someone Bryan Mills know.

If you seen the other 2 Taken movies then I would recommend this for you, it was an amazing movie. Sure there was the cliche lines and action, but the story line itself wasn’t bad. You see actors like Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace and many more.


I always wanted to see this movie and when I saw it was available at Netflix I couldn’t watch it fast enough. And I can totally tell you guys that it’s worth a watch.

Small town and 2 brothers – Russell & Rodney. One  have gambling debts (Rodney) and the other works at the towns mill (Russell) and always bailing his brother out by paying his debts. One evening Russell have one too many to drink and sits behind the wheel and crashes into a car that he see’s in the last minute. He goes to jail and when he gets out, Rodney is in alot of trouble. He started being in illegal fights and one day he wants to be in one with unstable people holding it. When Rodney doesn’t end up his end of the fix fight, he disappears.. Russell does anything to find Rodney and he feels the police doesn’t do anything. Mainly because Rodney vanishes in a different county. Will Russell find Rodney and get justice or will Russell go his own way to find his brother?

I would recommend watching his movie, you see actors like Woody Harrelson, Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Sam Shepard, William Dafoe & Forest Whitaker.


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