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The Circle (2017) **REVIEW**

We live in a era of where social media have a lot of power. Information can be spread like wild fire and we also find out what we all had for dinner. I heard about ‘The Circle’ book and got interested since it’s aspect is the power of social media but then Emma Watson & Tom Hanks was doing a film out of it.

‘The Circle’ is about Mae getting a job at a huge tech company called The Circle, she’s so excited. They provide her with a room to stay. It’s a massive place and basically got all you need within the walls, you never need to leave really. One day as she sits doing her job two people come up o her asking why she hasn’t set up her social media profile yet, it was part of her job to be on social media and talk to co-workers. But one day that backfires when she shares her friends lanterns and he is being called for deer killer. The lanterns are made out of horns but he gets the horns from others who hunt. It goes so far he need to live in woods to hide. Power of social media.

One day Mae agrees to do something I would never do. To always wear a camera to live record her everyday life for everyone to see. It becomes a huge success. But with that also comes pain. She’s starting to lose friends and family due to the fact she can’t talk to them without them feeling uneasy by the constant filming. After her friends death she feels that something is wrong with The Circle and is determined to find out what, for everyone to see and.. to film it all for all her viewers.

Yes, I would say it’s important to see this film and it’s available on Netflix. You see the real power of social media and how quick jump on the band wagon of filming EVERYTHING and put it out there for everyone to see. In the film they believe that information should be available for ALL, all sorts of information. But that, I don’t agree on. It can be dangerous to know absolutely everything. There are some things we should not know, knowing everything doesn’t always mean good.

Actors: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Ellar Coltrane, Glenne Headly, Bill Paxton, Karen Gillan, Nate Corddry, Mamoudou Athie, John Boyega and many more.


Boyhood (2014) **REVIEW**

I always wanted to see this film and it blew me away. You see they used same actors for the children, took them 10 years to film Boyhood. The little guy and girl in the beginning is the same children during the entire film. I think that is great – makes the film original and different.

In the beginning we see 2 children, Samantha and Mason with their mother. She wants something better for her children so she tells them that they are moving so she can go back to college and they get to see their father again. The film jumps alot but the events and the story makes sense. The mom marries her college professor who turned out to be this douche who drinks alot and being abusive.

So she takes her children away from there and now they are on their own and everything is good, the mom becomes a professor at a college in a small Texas town. We see how a family tries to survive life and 2 teenagers surviving teens and high school.

Their father is someone they see here and there but is still a good dad. He’s a musician but as the kids grow up so does he. He ends up being married to a woman, has a third child and start going to church and calms down you can say.

During the film the kids grow up in front of you and same parents and all aging in front of you – since the film was recorded of the spam of 10 years – Amazing. But it can come off as a little cheesy but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing it.

You see actors like Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke, Ellar Coltrane, Lorelai Linklater, Libby Villari, Marco Perella and many more.

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