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Mercy **REVIEW**

I stumbled on this movie on Netflix, it caught my attention after I was reading about it and wanted to see it for myself.

George, his brother Joel and their mother Rebecca takes care of Rebecca’s mother after she has a some sort of stroke during a dinner. Joel wants to be a chef but no one seem to understand his cooking since it’s modern. George is like his grandmother, can see and understand what’s beyond, see what others can’t see. George starts to see and notice alot when he lives as he lives in his grandmothers house and takes care of her. The boys mother have 2 siblings – Lanning and Ginny. Ginny is the nuthouse and how she got there is a morbid story.. Ginny wanted to leave and marry a man she loved. But Mercy (the grandmother) didn’t like and when they where camping something horrible happened. They where attacked by something they called a bear. Now, what bear lives no tracks and all that was left of the guy could fit in a shoe box and Ginny was up in the tree and screaming and been in the nuthouse since.

George refuse to see the bad side of his grandmother, he wants to believe that she is good and that she couldn’t hurt anyone. But question is, did she do all of this or did someone else? Is she as bad as everyone tells him? And he gets curious.

You see actors like Dylan McDermott, Chandler Riggs, Mark Duplass, Frances O’Connor, Joel Courtney &, Shirley Knight. I would recommend this to anyone who likes horror with a bit of mystery and good story line.




When this movie came out at the cinema I couldn’t run faster to see it and I just saw it again on Netflix. And it was just as good as I remember it.

Mike Banning, a Presidential security guard who needs redemption, for himself and his former boss – President of United States. What happened one Christmas it was pouring down snow and the President, First lady & their son was going to a Christmas party. The car that the President and first lady was in was starting to spin and lose control. Before the car tipped over an edge, they only managed to get the President out of the car. Ever since Banning been blaming himself.

16 months later, July 5th. Mike Banning is pushing papers and is desperate to come back. Maybe he will get more than he wishes for. South Korean prime minister is on visit to see the the President but everything is about to go a little too side ways. The white house becomes under attack and alot of people lose their lives. President is being rushed to the bunker while his son is missing. Mike Banning finds his way to the white house and before he knows it, he’s the only one there who’s on the good side. Now Mike Banning have to fight his way to save the President and find his son and save him. Will he be successful? And get his reputation and old job back?

You see actors like Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Finley Jacobsen, Dylan McDermott, Rick Yune, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett and many more.

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