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Solace (2015) **REVIEW**

I never thought I’d see the day for when Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins to be in the same film and this time – Mr Hopkins is the good guy here.

Joe and Kathrine and FBI agents hunting down a serial killer and Joe contact an old friend – John. A man who is a psychic. He can see the past and future just by reading you. After a bit of convincing John agrees to work with Joe and Kathrine to catch this killer. When Joe is all for working with John, Kathrine stays unsure. She doesn’t believe in supernatural or psychic until one evening when John tells a little something about Kathrine just by reading her.

When the FBI thinks they are getting closer or getting somewhere in the investigation the killer is always two steps ahead. So how do they catch a killer who’s always two steps ahead? But they do know one thing – the killings are mercy kills. The victims are one way or another sick with terminal illness.

Solace is one of those films that they couldn’t have made without the cast they had. Anthony Hopkins always brings his best into his roles and this one is no exception. It’s a good mystery/thriller that I believe anyone should see.

You see actors like Abbie Cornish, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell and many more.



Saving Mr Banks (2013) **REVIEW**

This film is one that made me smile and at the same time feel sad. Saving Mr Banks is about  when the author of Mary Poppins comes to L.A to sign papers of Disney’s adaption of her book.

P.L Travers – the woman who wrote Mary Poppins. We get to see her in different setting then what she is used to back in England. Disney seems to be a happy fellow and people love him. We also get to see P.L remembering her childhood and how she protests on how the characters should be and how they should look. She almost calls it off.

You could say P.L is a bit difficult to work with but yet everyone likes her when she’s.. let’s say in a good mood. After a lot of going back and forth she settles how for the songs, looks and everything else. She goes back to England a changed woman but still the same. Just bit more relaxed.

Saving Mr Banks is something you should see if not haven’t done so already. It’s filled with laughter, sadness and of course the amazing actor that is Tom Hanks who portrays Walt Disney. Something he does very well – he can almost play anything. We see the brilliant Emma Thompson playing P.L Travers and who else would they have hired if not her? Both these amazing actors did a fantastic job and yes – see it when you have time.

You see actors like Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell, Paul Giamatti, Bradley Whitford, B.J. Novak. Jason Schwartzman and many more.

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