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Power Rangers (2017) **REVIEW**

If you came here looking for a good review of the remake of ‘Power Rangers’, I am sorry but I am about to disappoint you. As a child of around 6/7 years old we world got to meet the TV show ‘Power Rangers’ and I was HOOKED. Didn’t take long before my school told EVERY student we wasn’t allowed to watch it because of the violence but knowing my mother, she didn’t listen and let me watch it instead because she knew I could separate fiction from reality. Very quickly ‘Power Rangers’ became a big part of my childhood and I never missed one episode. So when I heard about a remake turning film I didn’t exactly know what to do or say. But I was willing to give it a chance. The trailer looked super cool when it was released.

‘Power Rangers’ is about a bunch of misfit kids who met each other in abnormal circumstances, to quickly realize they got super powers after finding stones. To then find out about a group of heroes called Power Rangers and it’s been 65 million years since last Power Rangers. Their job is to protect a crystal from Rita Repulsa, also known as the green Power Ranger – uhuh, a Power Ranger turned evil. The kids have a hard time dealing with her but you know in the end bla bla CLICHE!

I had a really hard time adjusting to this remake, it had cool effects and we got to see the comedian Elisabeth Banks as the villian Rita & Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Zordon. That was quite fun. But the film as a whole – don’t waste your time. If you want a better remake let me suggest Ghostbusters? I was really disappointed that the creators of the new ‘Power Rangers’ didn’t give us the wow factor or a nostalgia trip, not for me. I’d rather watch the original version from the 90’s and laugh the horrible effects but loving it because it was part of my childhood.

Actors: Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky G, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader and many more.



My Lord, have this movie been bashed by most people I know. Been told to not waste my time to see it and seen reaction videos on youtube – they are pure entertainment btw. But I thought – screw them. I want to get my own opinion about the movie. So here it goes.

In 1999 in the Phillippines a mine collapsed and about 40 minors went down in a huge hole. What they found in that hole – something went out and into the ocean. Something big and very uncomfortable. Then we see a family living in Japan, Joe, Sandra & Ford. Joe and Sandra works in a power plant and they have been getting some reading. Soon as they get there something goes horrible wrong. Sandra dies in a chamber when the reactor went out shortly after the entire power plant goes down.. Poor Ford see’s the plant go down from his school window.

We jump 15 years in time and Ford is an adult and coming home from being in war. He got now a family of his own and lives in San Francisco. Joe is still alive and still lives in Japan. Ford have to go over there due to his father have gone into quarantine zone and got arrested. Ford goes over there to bail him out and help him. Joe is set that the power plant distruction wasn’t an accident, he believes it was something else. Ford and Joe goes back to the zone and their old house to find disc with data that Joe needs, because he found something. Also, they find the air isn’t lethal, it’s perfectly breathable.

Something is about get woken up again and the military is desperate to have this hidden from the public. But what happens when it can’t be hidden anymore? What happens when it’s about to wake up and send destruction upon everyone?

You see actors like Aaron Tyler-Johnson, CJ Adams, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Carson Bolde, Sally Hawkins, Richard. T Jones, Juliette Binoche and many more. I liked the movie and if you would like to see it, then I would recommend it for you. But if you ask me, they could have done a better job with the graphics of the monsters. I got a little disappointed there.


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