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Bastille Day (2016) **REVIEW**

I’ve been a huge fan of Idris Elba since I saw Beast of no Nation of Netflix. And when I saw the trailer of this film I got a little excited. I like seeing him in different roles, the man can act. And if you haven’t seen him any film or TV series yet, you really should. The man is talented.

Bastille Day is a pretty good movie far as action goes but little weak on the story line. Bastille Day got some good actors. Over all, it’s a decent film and worth a watch. You can watch it once and that’s about it.

Bastille Day is about a CIA agent played by Mr Elba and his job is to catch a nobody pocket picker Michael Mason after he was seen at a bomb seen. Now, what happened here was Mason stole a bag from a woman who seemed stressed and he didn’t find anything of value in the bag so he tossed it and three-seconds after he tossed it, a bomb goes off. So of course he runs away and now Sean Briar from CIA is after him only to find out, Mason wasn’t the guy behind the bomb. So who was? You get to see scenesĀ  with a few bad guys and here is your job to make out who they are because their identities will become clear to you later in the film and why they are doing what they are doing.

After you see the film you will realize how easy it is to make people do what you want, if you want to cause a riot. Make a bomb and pin it on the muslims. Like it happened in the film and see the chaos unfold.

So Sean Briar, Michael Mason is now set to find the woman whose bag Mason stole to work together while they are being chased by the bad guys and they are shooting on sight since Madden have been stamped as a terrorist, since he was seen on the scene of the bomb and now authorizes believe he is the guy they are looking for. So Briar, Mason and the lady who’s bag got stolen are now working together to get evidence that Madden is innocent.

Actors: Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Kelly Reilley, Charlotte Le Bon, Anatol Yusef, Jose Garcia, Eriq Ebouaney and many more.


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