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Robert the doll (2015) **REVIEW**

Robert the doll is supposed to have happened before Annabelle  -the film that freaked most people out and getting scared of dolls. Robert the doll was alright. I have to say Annabelle was scarier. The story itself is a good one but it doesn’t really got any jump scares or have any creepy scenes. I got disappointed.

Jenny and Paul are living in a nice big house  with their son Gene. When they realize their house keeper is becoming more and more senile they decide to let her go. They shouldn’t have done that. She house keeper gives Gene a present – a doll called Robert. Gene gets attached to the doll and believe it talks to him. The adults around find the doll creepy. And if you talk to the doll like you don’t like it – something bad will happen. Gene says that Robert will be mad if you don’t take care of him.

I’ve read reviews and people been having good things to say – I say it’s a little boring for being a horror film. When it comes to dolls and children it can become creepy but this one – it wasn’t Annabelle just let me say that. Would I recommend it? No.

You see actors like Lee Bane, Suzie Frances Garton, Flynn Allen, Cyd Casados, Samuel Hutchison and many more.


Action/Adventure Week: Lone Survivor (2013) **REVIEW**

I first saw this film at the cinema when it was released and my eyes was glued to the screen. The story in this film is just purely amazing.

Marcus Luttrell and his team of guys is out on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan to capture or kill a notorious Taliban leader. But when they are doing their reckon a couple of goat farmers stumble on them but the men set on setting them free and keep going. Before they know it – an army of Taliban’s with HEAVY weaponry comes after them and they will have to fight for their lives. They run, getting shot, losing fingers, breaking legs. A rescue team are being sent out for them but they get shut down. The boys are left to fight for themselves. One by one they get taken down and Marcus have to fight for himself. Marcus gets help from a tribe who are peaceful and just want the Taliban’s to go away. They keep Marcus safe while they send one of their own to the American’s base for help.

The tribe that helped him did so because of an 2,000 year old code of honor – Pashtunwali. It requires a tribe to undertake the responsibility of safeguarding an individuals against his enemies and protecting him by all cost.

This story is powerful, it make you cringe due to the gunfight and excellent details in injuries and blood. But it’s a story that has to be told. This event happened in real live, June 2005. So if you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. You won’t regret it. Expect tearing up 90% of the film.

You see actors like Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitch, Emile Hirch, Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Alexander Ludwig, Rich Ting and many more.

Machine Gun Preacher **REVIEW**

Machine Gun Preacher is a true story based movie about a man Sam Childers and guy who’s a  tough guy, biker & drug dealer who just came out of prison. He continues his ways until something bad happens and all of the sudden he goes with his wife to church and finds God. Starting a whole new life – supporting his family by working in construction and gets a better place to live. One day in church a guy comes to to talk about the people in Sudan and the situation. Sam decides he need to go over there to help out and build houses. But he changes his mind to what to do when he speaks to some freedom fighters. He helps build a orphanage and help fight the guys when they show up.

With Sam’s new found believe he want to do good. Some sort of redemption of his past. Helping others who really need it and he found those people in Sudan. So he becomes a crusaders to help children who are forced to become child soldiers.

This movie is one of Gerard Butlers strongest yet. He does a really good job in this – makes it believable. You will not regret watching this movie.

You see actors like Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Kathy Baker, Souleyman Sy Savane, Peter Carey, Madeline Carroll and many more.

The Death Clique **REVIEW**

We all know that I have a soft spot for true story based movies. It’s interesting to see what goes behind events that where in spotlight.

The movie is a good example on what happens when a girl group of three turns deadly. Ashley just transfer to a new school and meet Jade and Sara – best friends . Ashley takes a liking for Jade but feels like Sara is in the way and decides to do something about it. Jade and Ashley going to scare her – at least that’s what Jade thinks, so she won’t follow them. When they arrive to a warehouse Ashley pulls out a knife and stabs Sara. The movie is about finding out who did what and why and a mothers desperate try to find out the truth on what happened that night and what happened to her daughter.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes true story based movies. It’s a good watch.  You see actors like Barbara Alyn Woods, Tina Ivlev, Lexi Ainsworth, Brittany Underwood, Michelle Clunie and many more.


UWantMe2KillHim? **REVIEW**

This movie always intrigued me and couldn’t get around to watch it until today. It’s based on a true story.

16 year old Mark spends alot of time on the computer talking to Rachel, who’s in witness protection. Mark goes to same school and class as her little brother John. Rachel wants Mark to become friends with John, to look after him. One day Rachel just disappears and Mark finds out by John what happened, she’s dead. He blames her boyfriend who’s violent. Mark gets in contact with someone in the chat room claiming to be from MI5 and grooming him to kill Kevin. But something goes wrong and he ends up hurting his friend John. This person from MI5 says John is helping his stepdad – a suspect terrorist – they want him to kill John. But… Is this person from MI5? The entire story will reveal itself in the end and let me tell you – it’s a twist NO ONE saw coming.

This story is based on a true event and will make you feel bad for Mark. The movie itself is great, would I recommend it? Yes I would.

You see actors like Jamie Blackley, Toby Regbo, Joanne Froggatt, Jaime Winstone, Amy Wren and many more.

I’m looking forward to see…

There are movies I am looking forward to see this year but there is one trailer that got me and I can’t wait to see it. I love true based movies and 2 people that you wouldn’t think would do a movie like this, even tho one of them already have made a heartbreaking true based movie: Jonah Hill & James Franco. The movie is “True Story Movie”. I so want to see it, the trailer is below.


Fruitvale Station **REVIEW**

I came across this on Netflix one evening and thought I’d watch this. Movies based on true events like this can be difficult to make. To catch someones life and put it in a movie for the audience to actually say they liked can be difficult. But this one was good, but I’d like to see more what happened after.

Oscar Grant was a 22 year old man who haven’t had the easiest in his life but he got friends, family, girlfriend and daughter who loves him and she shows them he cares. We get to see his last 2-3 days in life before a horrible accident that would cost him his life. We get to see fast what happened that night when Oscar was shoot. Sure it was alot happening but the officers where acting hostile for no reason but that doesn’t justify what happened. I would say you should see it. I’m not in the states so I didn’t really hear about this but I still couldn’t help to feel sorry for his daughter.. she will never know her father.


You will see actors like Michael B Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer, Ahna O’Reilly and many more in the movie about Oscar Grants last days.


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