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The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) **REVIEW**

Back in 1940’s there was a number on murders happening in a small town between Texas & Arizona, they shared state line. Police couldn’t solve the mystery of the murders and one day they just stopped and everything went back to normal. What happened got a film and a lot of media coverage.

But now over 60 years later someone is murdering again, having the same mask and clothes as the original murderer got. Basically becoming a copy cat. First attack a teenage boy was murdered but his girlfriend survived, the killer wanted her to tell a story about Mary. But in the articles and files from police about the killings there’s no mention about Mary so now the true journalism digging begins.

Who is Mary? And why does the killer want this girl to tell the story of Mary? She visits people who have a sort of connection to the original murders and seeing town cooks to find answers. And one of the most important question of the film is; Who is the killer? And why start-up now again after nearly 70 years?

The film is an okay film. Script is good and acting is mediocre but the film as a whole is nowhere near horror or thriller as the description might tell it is. It got gore and really violent scenes and sexual content.

Actors: Addison Timlin, Veronica Cartwright, Anthony Anderson, Travis Tope, Joshua Leonard, Andy Abele, Gary Cole, Edward Hermann and more.


John Wick (2014) **REVIEW**

I always loved a high voltage film and when I say high voltage you may ask “what’s that?” It’s a film with extreme violence, shooting to an excess and amazing acting & story. Not much of that coming from Hollywood anymore.

John Wick used to work as a contract killer for anyone who  could hire him. But he retires because of a woman. He’s gone for 4 years. When his wife dies he’s beside himself with grief and before she passed she bought him a dog to be sent to him after she’s gone. He loved that dog like no other. He takes the dog and his precious car out for a spin. Stops at a gas station and some little punk asks him how much for the car. The car – obviously, isn’t for sale. Like this guy will listen. Breaks into Johns house – kill his precious dog and takes the car.

What this guy doesn’t know – he just killed a dog and stole a car belonging to John Wick. Someone who used to scare the shit out of people by just walking into a room. The guy who stole the car named Iosef – son to  a notorious mafia boss – Viggo. To get to Iosef he needs to make Viggo’s life a hell.

We see some pretty sweet fighting moves coming from Keanu Reeves, who plays John Wick. A film that definetely will make his come back. He still got the moves that he had from Matrix and I’m so excited to see Keanu back in films. The story line of the film is good but when I watch these kind of films I mainly watch it due to high voltage action that keeps on coming. If you’re into that – a very recommended film for you.

You see actors like Keanu Reeves, Mikael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe, Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Regan and many more.

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