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Netflix Original: Step Sisters (2018) **REVIEW**

If you ever seen ‘Pitch Perfect’ or ‘Drumline’ and loved it then you would love ‘Step Sisters’. Same creators who wrote and directed ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Drumline’ created ‘Step Sisters’ and this one surprised me in  good way. It’s funny, clever and the clap back the movie contains are absolutely perfect.

Jamilah, a well accomplished young college girl with a bright future. She works part-time in the Dean’s office. She’s the President of her sorority, captain of the sorority’s Stepping team. Her plans are to go to Harvard Law with her boyfriend. She got her entire life figured out until it’s about to get a little turned upside down.

Jamilah is friends with another girl from a different sorority house, Beth, a spunky girl with lots of humor. She agrees to go with Beth to her sorority party thinking it might be safe and gets ‘white girl drunk’, she’s having fun until a girl from said sorority is caught having sex in the bushes, it gets filmed and spread on the internet. So now, this sorority is on the verge of getting disbarged, UNLESS… Jamilah help them with a charity step contest so she can get her Harvard Law recommendation from the Dean who’s a alumni.

As she trains the girls she also noticing some set back with her boyfriend and with other girls from sorority she’s trying to help. They aren’t exactly taking it seriously. And then… all of the sudden.. picture’s from Jamilah’s drunken night gets leaked and here’s where all goes to shit. Jamilah loses her job, her boyfriend – well she left him, she loses her own sorority by them being judgemental about white girls doing Step. Jamilah decides to leave the college and continue her last class online. But then truth comes out of who leaked the photo’s and I have to say… no surprise but Jamilah’s reaction is the best.

‘Step Sisters’ are one of the funniest I’ve seen. We see girls coming together to save their house. With some minor setbacks. ‘Step Sisters’ is a film anyone can see really, well I’d say no children because alcohol and sexual references. If you would need a cheer me up, then this one is definitely recommended.


Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Megalyn Echikunwoke – Jamilah (House of Lies, That’s 70’s Show, 24, CHIPS)
  • Eden Sher – Beth (Veronica Mars, The Middle, Weeds, The Outcasts, Sing It)
  • Lyndon Smith – Danielle ( Parenthood, White Famous, Secret In Their Eyes, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
  • Gage Golightly – Libby ( Teen Wolf, 5ive Days til Midnight, Cabin Fever, The Troop)
  • Alessandra Torresani – Amber (The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, Two and a half Men, Outlaw)
  • Nia Jervier – Saundra (Dear White People, La La Land)
  • Marque Richardson – Kevin ( Dear White People, True Blood, Rosewood, All the Way, Dating Daisy)


Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Charles Stone III best known for his work of Drumline (2002), Paid in Full (2002), Lila & Eve (2015).



Netflix Original: A Christmas Prince (2017) **REVIEW**

If you are a fan of iZombie then you might recognize a special blonde beauty called Rose McIver. She plays Liv Moore, the zombie mortician. As you know she changes personality when she eats a brain and takes on the previous persons traits. It’s hysterical. But I’m not here to talk about iZombie. I am here to talk about Rose McIver’s new film – ‘A Christmas Prince’.

Amber, a junior editor for a magazine in New York. She is just looking for that break to become a real journalist. Until her boss calls her in to her office and tells Amber she need her to travel cover a scandal prince’s coronation. Only to end up sneaking into the castle and say she is the new tutor for Princess Emily. Where she meets the prince. Someone who seems not as the tabloids has described him as. He loves his sister, who is sick and wheelchair bound. Amber treats her like any other child which makes the Princess like her and she doesn’t like anyone. Princess Emily is quite rude but she is also very charming when she can be and she isn’t scared telling anyone to piss off.

But exactly how long would it take for Amber to get caught in her lie? And writing about the Prince at the same time lying about being the Princess tutor. We all know this is a recipe for disaster. But as we all know, we know exactly this type of films always ends in one way but we can’t stop watching it anyway.

‘A Christmas Prince’ is a fun film for the entire family but cause of the story I’d say dont let a child under 10 see it. It’s a really cute and fun film. Rose does a excellent job in her role as Amber as she always does when I see her in TV-shows or different films.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Rose McIver – Amber (The Lovely Bones, iZombie, Flowers in the Attic 2, The Piano)
  • Ben Lamb – Prince Richard (Divergent, Now You See Me 2, The White Queen, Victoria)
  • Alice Krige – Queen Helena (Thor: The Dark World, Star Trek; First Contact, Silent Hill, Sleepwalkers)
  • Honor Kneafsey – Princess Emily (Miss You Already, Our Zoo, Crooked House)
  • Sarah Douglas – Mrs Averill (Displacement, Emmerdale, Strippers vs Werewolves, Attack the Gryphon)
  • Emma Louise Saunders – Lady Sophia (Skin Deep, Artificial White, The Royals)
  • Theo Devaney – Simon (Supernatural, Run, Psych, Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Alex Zamm, a director with 24 movies/shorts/tvshows under his belt with excellent directing skills. You might have seen known films as Crown for Christmas, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Inspector Gadget 2, The Wonderful World of Disney and many more.


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Thor: Ragnarok (2017) **REVIEW**

When we first met Thor he was basically a party boy who wouldn’t listen to his father’s advice. Everything was a game to him. Then he got into the Avengers. But we never understood Thor’s powers, til Ragnarok.


Thor is out in the universe looking for the infinity stones but when he comes back to Asgaard something isn’t exactly right.. but it doesn’t take him long to figure out what. Dear  old Loki – God of mischief. He had put Odin in New York and took his place. And this is where Thor meets Dr Strange who tells him where Odin is – Norway. But they need to hurry, Odin is sick. And here is where the biggest secret Odin kept from everyone. Odin has a daughter. We all thought Thor was the first-born but no. Hela is the first-born. Back when her and Odin ruled the 9 realms by fear and blood. Odin kept her imprisoned for her thirst for blood and war grew stronger. Soon as Odin had taken his goodbye to his boys he passed. And so the gateway to Hela’s prison opened up.

So now Thor & Loki gotta fight her but something goes wrong on the way back to Asgaard. Thor gets taken captive so fight in an arena, very similar to Gladiators. Where he meets… wait for it… HULK. So they gotta fight each other but here’s where things get interesting. Hulk doesn’t remember much so what happened really when Banner left? We get a taste test of Thor’s true powers because Hela DESTROYED the hammer.

Thor knows that only way for him to get Asgaard back from Hela and save the people is for team up with Hulk, Loki and a woman. A woman who captured him and sold him to the games. He heard by rumor that she is a Asgaardian, when he see’s her tattoo. Her knows EXACTLY who she is – Valkyrie

Thor is filled with great humor, wit and the thing that always works – awesome fighting scenes. I am most impressed by how we finally got to see Thor’s true powers and they work but I am sure we get to see more of it when Avangers come out with new film I think next year. Take your friends and go see Thor: Ragnarok today, it’s absolutely amazing.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Chris Hemworth – Thor (Thor, Avengers, Rush, Ghostbusters, The Huntsman: Winter’s War)
  • Tom Hiddleston – Loki (Thor, Avengers, Night Managers, Kong: Skull Island, Crimon Peak)
  • Cate Blanchett – Hela (Lord of the Rings, The Curious Case of: Benjamin Button, The Hobbit, How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Idris Elba – Heimdall (Dark Tower, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Thor, Zootropolis)
  • Jeff Goldblum – Grandmaster (Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Portlandia, Mortdecai, Le week-end)
  • Tessa Thompson – Valkyrie (Dear White People, Creed: The Rocky Legacy, When a Stranger Calls, Westworld)
  • Karl Urban – Skurge (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Dredd, The Bourne Supremacy, Riddick, Thor)
  • Mark Ruffalo – Bruce Banner/Hulk (Avengers, Shutter Island, Spotlight, Now You See Me)
  • Anthony Hopkins – Odin (Hannibal, Red Dragon, Thor, The Elephant Man, Transformers: The Last Knight)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch – Dr Strange (The Imitation Game, Dr Strange, Black Mass, Hobbit, Star Trek: Into Darkness)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Taika Waititi started out as an actor but now he mainly does writing and directing. He is known for directing films such as; Thor: Ragnarok, The Inbetweeners, Boy. Make sure you check him out.

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Netflix Original: The Babysitter (2017) **REVIEW**

Babysitters… you love having one or you don’t. I never really had a babysitter growing up but I had family members looking after me when mom was working. But it never went as wrong as the babysitter in this Netflix Original.

Cole is a awkward 12 year old boy but his babysitter is the coolest. She seems to be his first crush on a girl. She’s very cute towards him and treats him like a brother. Cole’s parents are going away for the weekend so Bee is coming to look after him for the weekend. Have you ever stayed awake after dark to see what the babysitter does while you are sleeping? That is what Cole did but.. maybe he shouldn’t have done that.

Bee have friends over, they are playing ‘spin the bottle’, so what can go wrong here? Well.. Maybe when Bee stabs one of the boys in the head with 2 knives. Him being the sacrifice they need to make an offer to Lucifer to get what they want. How would you react as a 12 year old seeing all this? To only find out, they need your blood so make the ritual complete!? Do you fight or do you run and hide?

‘The Babysitter’ is a comedy horror film, I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve seen but it got its moments of fun and cringing moments.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Judah Lewis – Cole (Demolition)
  • Samara Weaving – Bee (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Mayhem, Monster Trucks,Bad Girl)
  • Robbie Amell – Max (The Flash, ARQ, Anatomy of the Tide, The Duff)
  • Hana Mae Lee – Sonya (Pitch Perfect, Better Things, Unleashed)
  • Bella Thorne – Allison (Amityville: The Awakening, Blended, The Duff, You Get Me)
  • Emily Alyn Lind – Melanie (Revenege, Enter the Void, J.Edgar, Replicas)
  • Andrew Bachelor- John (Fifty Shades of Black, Meet the Blacks, Grow House)
  • Leslie Blibb – Mom (Iron Man, Law Abiding Citizen, To the Bone)
  • Ken Marino – Dad (We’re the Millers, Wanderlust, Gattaca, Role Models)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

McG is a director who is mostly known for shows such as Supernatural, Lethal Weapon, Shadowhunters,The DUFF and many more. Born in  1968 in Michigan.


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Girls Trip (2017) **REVIEW**

When it comes to an all female cast of comedy I’m all for it. It all started with Bridesmaides and bunch of all female cast comedies have been since. And Girls Trip isn’t any different, the four ladies manage to nail the film.

We got four friends; Ryan, Sasha, Lisa & Dina. Been friends since college. But somewhere along the line they lost contact over the years. Ryan is the very successful one, she wrote a successful book and now she might up for a TV deal. Things seems to go well for her. She is going to appear at a festival in New Orleans and she invites her friends along to reunite. And it won’t be a dance on roses that’s for sure.

They meet up at the airport and already then you can tell some things might not be forgotten or forgiven but their weekend goes as planned. We got Sasha the journalist, Lisa the mom & Dina the party girl with a loud mouth. As the weekend goes along, trying to convince Lisa its time to let loose and not be a mom for a weekend isn’t easy, specially with the clothes she chosen to wear. But the girls to their thing and everyone seems to relax and have fun. Just one little detail, Ryan’s life isn’t at perfect as everyone seems to think it is. Her husband have been sleeping around with a Instagram model and Ryan’s friends won’t have that done to their friend. So… Dina attacks and they end up being kicked out of the hotel and need to stay somewhere less… appealing.

So the girls won’t let that ruin their weekend of fun, alot of stuff happens. Like getting high, Lisa finds a man for a weekend. Sasha struggles with her company and it about to go in flames. Ryan struggles to keep it together. Dina.. she just don’t care and goes along for the ride.

I didn’t have high hopes for the film when I saw the trailer but I decided to see it anyway and I was surprised. It’s funny with an good story. Gives you insight to the girl gang. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see it. Jokes are  hilarious and well played out.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Regina Hall – Ryan Pierce (Scary Movie, Law Abiding Citizen, Black-ish, When the bough breaks)
  • Queen Latifah – Sasha Franklin (Bringing Down the House, Chicago, Star, Miracles from Heaven, Bessie)
  • Jada Pinkett Smith – Lisa Cooper (Collateral, Scream, Gotham, Magic Mike XXL)
  • Tiffany Haddish – Dina (Keanu, Meet the Spartans, Mad Families, Stunted)
  • Larenz Tate – Julian Stevens (The Postman, Ray, A Man Apart)
  • Mike Colter – Stewart Pierce (Men in Black 3, Zero Dark Thirty, Luke Cage, Million Dollar Baby)
  • Kate Walsh – Elizabeth Davelli (Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, The Perks of being a Wallflower, Kicking & Screaming)
  • Deborah Ayorinde – Simone (Game of Silence, Barbershop, Luke Cage)


Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Malcolm D. Lee born in 1970 in USA, known for movies such as The Best Man Holiday, Undercover Brother, The Best Man, Scary Movie 5 – to name a few of his works.


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) **REVIEW**

Back in 2014 when I saw first Kingsman I loved it. Kingsman is funny, got some cool stunts and it’s something that never been done before. Back in 2014 we met Eggsy, a London boy with a lot of troubles and not much discapline. But he got recruited to Kingsman, a spy organisation that straightened him out. He became someone he never thought he could become.

In second film, we met him again. Still witty but much smarter. He’s also in a relationship now. If you remember the ending of the first film you know who he rescued. Yeah, that’s his girlfriend now, believe it or not. But they are good together, just Eggsy job that comes in between. In The Golden Circle their relation and Eggy’s relation to his coworkers is being put to the test thanks to a woman who’s slightly crazy, she became rich by selling high class drugs and now want… world domination? What she want?

We get to meet Kingsman’s cousins called Statesmen. Based in Kentucky, USA. They make whiskey and Kingsman makes suits. But for this enemy they have to work together to find out where she is and what she actually wants. Poppy poisons her drugs and only way to get her antidote is to grant her immunity. When one of their own get poisoned by this drug they know the really have to work together. We also get to meet a unlikely movie guest – Elton John. Not kidding. Elton himself, plays himself in this film and he is so funny. Made me laugh every time.

So now Kingsman & Statemen have to work together, so how well will they work together really? Specially now that Eggsy and Merlin found out that Harry is still alive…. but something isn’t quite okay with him. He lost his memory, but as you know, he gets it back but is he still Harry though? And can they trust him? Can Eggsy and Merlin trust one of their own?

If you are a fan of Kings: The Secret Service then I would really recommend for you to go and see this one in the cinema. It’s witty, funny, cool stunts and it also got Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Julienne Moore. They make a fun incredible cast.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Taron Egerton – Eggsy (Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Sing, Legend, Eddie The Eagle)
  • Edward Holcroft – Charlie (Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Vampire Academy)
  • Mark Strong – Merlin (Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Sherlock Holmes, The Imitation Game)
  • Hanna Alsström – Princess Tilde (Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Tillbaka Till Bromma, Sami Blood)
  • Thomas Turgoose – Liam (This is England franchise, Eden Lake, Somers Town)
  • Julianne Moore – Poppy (The Lost World: Jurassic Park, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Seventh Son)
  • Colin Firth – Harry Hart ( The Kings Speech, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Love Actually, Bridget Jones franchise)
  • Michael Gamon  – Arthur (Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow, Gosford Park, Dad’s Army)
  • Björn Granth – The King of Sweden (The Girl with Dragon Tattoo franchise, The American, Pelle)
  • Lena Endre – The Queen of Sweden (The Girl with Dragon Tattoo franchise, Faithless, Wallander)
  • Channing Tatum – Tequila (Magic Mike, 21 & 22 Jump Sreet, White House Down, Logan lucky)
  • Halle Berry – Ginger (XMen, Cloud Atlas, New years Eve, Dark Tide)
  • Jeff Bridges – Champ (True Grit, Iron Man, TRON:Legacy, Hell or High Water)
  • Pedro Pascal – Whiskey (Game of Thrones, The Great Wall, Bloodsucking Bastards)


Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Matthew Vaugh known for SEVERAL other films that done really well on the big screen. To mention a few: Kingmen: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, Stardust, Layer Cake. So there’s a huge chance you might have seen work already. Born in London, he went to U.S and become an assistant to a director. After a while he returned to London and studied Ancient History. But he dropped to return to U.S  to start his career as a director. But soon saw everyone else tried the same so he went back home once again and made films in England, some shorts and he got noticed.


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Snatched (2017) **REVIEW**

On occasion we all like a good funny comedy. Some comedies haven’t really been funny as of lately and that is just the case of ‘Snatched’. Starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, mother/daughter duo.

Emily is someone who does not have anything figured out, she works at a fashion store and gets fired, her boyfriend leaves her just before their trip to Ecuador. Emily travels to her mothers house because she wanted to see her daughter, by the end of the evening. Emily manages to convince her mother to go with her after finding a album of pictures of her mother traveling and going to concerts.

So the girls leave and you can straight off tell that Linda (the mother) is being annoying. She’s being ridicolous towards Emily, you know being overprotective and telling her leaving the hotel to see the culture is the worst thing. So obviously, after Emily finds a man that shows her around he invites her and her mother out to explore some more. And as you might be able to figure it out, it goes sideways from here. Emily and Linda gets kidnapped but they manage to flee, only to be chased by the boss.

Is the film any funny? No. It’s just straight up annoying. Almost like they tried too hard with it. Script was weird and so much over the top. But that is what Amy Schumer is. I find it hard to find her funny in acting comedy films, more into seeing her doing standup stuff. Would I recommend the film? Sorry, no. Don’t waste your time.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer, Trainwreck)
  • Randall Park (The Interview, Trainwreck, Fresh off the Boat)
  • Goldie Hawn (Private Benjamin, Overboard, Death Becomes Her)
  • Ike Barinholtz (Suicide Squad, Neighbors, The Mindy Project)
  • Wanda Sykes (Monster-in-Law, Evan Almighty, Over the Hedge)
  • Joan Cusack (Working Girl, Toy Story 2, Say Anything)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Jonathan Levine mostly known by writing scripts, couldn’t find much information on who he is. But go and check him over at IMDb


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