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Netflix Original: Aggretsuko (2018) **REVIEW**

Netflix released a new original and this one must be one of the most funniest I’ve seen in a while. Got a bit bored yesterday and watched all 10 episodes in one evening. It was quite easy to do so, each episode was only 15 minutes long and you get 10 episodes.

Retsuko is a 25 year old female Panda accountant, her boss is horrible, she hates her job. But she loves karaoke. She goes to one place everyday and sings to get her aggression out from the day. But you’ll never believe the genre she likes – Death Metal. And she is quite good in singing in that genre.

This Panda is all of us. The emotions during & after work. Frustration with life. I don’t think I laughed so hard in a while. The show is absolutely brilliant. We follow Retsuko in 10 episodes doing various thing like getting a boyfriend, starting yoga, become friends with 2 high up other fellow ladies at the company she works for. A guy seriously crushing on her. It’s everyday life, maybe, for some. Anywho, the show in itself is funny, consistent, best part is each episode follows the previous one. You get to see her becoming more strong, confident and just awesome.

Find Aggretsuko now on Netflix, you will not regret it.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Erica Mendez – Retsuko
  • Katelyn Gault – Fenneko
  • Debra Cardona – Tsubone


Netflix Original: Reboot; The Guardian Code (2018) **REVIEW**

So.. there’s this new show on Netflix. A little hidden gem if you will. It’s called ReBoot: The Guardian Code. Before get get into my review I’d like to add this show is aimed for teens!? I assume. And also, when I don’t do movie reviews I write websites and see code on daily basis soo…

Reboot got 5 main characters; Austin, Parker, Trey, Tamra & Vera. These kids go to Alan Turing High School a school based on IT. (If you don’t know who Alan Turing is, please click here. ) On first day back in school, Austin, Parker, Trey & Enigma get a text message saying they need to report to Room 0. Where they find a wall. But.. when going through the wall that is a hologram, they find a high tech room. Finding out they are something called ‘Cyber Guardian’. Protecting mankind from cyber attacks by entering the cyber.

Now it’s here where it gets REALLY ridiculous. We see them fighting malicious code or as they call it, dark code (made me go wait.. what!?). And seriously, don’t make me start about the guy who plays the hacker. That’s a mess, massive mess. Code that attacks various ‘stations’ of the internet and it’s up to the kids to fight it and make sure it’s safe again.

We get to see a story line with Austin and he lost his dad last term. He was a teacher same school he goes to now and how Austin is trying to cope with the lose. While being a ‘Guardian’ he find out about his dad’s extra work, if you will.

Reboot; The Guardian Code, is bit of a gem to watch but at the same time while watching it, it made me go ‘wait.. what!?’ on several occasions. So much inaccuracy and so much made up stuff. I mean.. if you are going to make a movie or Tv show like this you need some accuracy playing or it’ll turn into a mess. Which Reboot is. A mess. As much fun it is to watch it’s also quite painful to watch due to it’s bad acting, horrible casting and non-accuracy.

Reboot can be found on Netflix in their category; Netflix Originals.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Ty Wood – Austin (The Haunting in Connecticut, Maneater, iZombie, Christmas Princess, Project Mc)
  • Ajay Friese – Parker (Lost in Space, Deadly Deed; A Fixer Upper Mystery, One Crazy Cruise)
  • Gabriel Darku – Trey (ShadowHunters, Eyewitness, Heroes Reborn, Private Eyes)
  • Sydney Scotia – Tamra ( Crazy Ex-girlfriend, A mermaids Tale, Some Assembley Required)
  • Hannah Vandenbygaart – Vera (Sidelined, Precious Things, Bruno & Boots)
  • Timothy E Brummund – Megabyte (Smallville, Four Brothers)
  • Bob Frazer – Sorcerer (The Cannon, Hit The road, Finding Mr Right 2, Coded)



Geostorm (2017) **REVIEW**

Weather movies.. love them or hate them, Hollywood have spewed out quite a few of them over the years and  this one no different but with one little small difference. When I first heard about “Geostorm” I thougth ‘FFS, can’t they make anything original anymore? Another weather disaster movie coming’ and oh boy was I right.


We got a scientist played by Gerard Butler, Jake Lawson. He and 600 other scientists invented something that could stop disastrous weather. Cool. Awesome. But.. someone managed to hack it and now it’s attacking earth. They placed it in space. And you know that is never a good idea.

Jake and his brother Max, who also works with this program, is now working together trying to figure out who hacked the space thing that is now attacking earth and killing millions of people with weird weathers. Jake is up in space and his brother is on earth. It all end up with Max kidnapping the president to get kill codes for the space ship(!?) so they can stop the weather to attack.

I have to say.. ‘Geostorm’. Not the greatest film I’ve seen. Sure it got some really cool effects when it comes to the weather but that’s about it. Movie itself is a bit cringe. Would I recommend it? Uhm.. no I wouldn’t. If you want to see a movie with cool effects yeah sure, see it. But here is 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back. I have to say I got a little disappointed. But there’s been so much weather disaster movies in the past that not every single one will hold up.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Gerard Butler – Jake Lawson (300, The Bounty hunter, Olympus Has fallen, London Has Fallen, Machine Gun Preacher)
  • Jim Sturgess – Max Lawson ( 21, The Best Offer, Cloud Atlas)
  • Abbie Cornish – Sarah Wilson (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Solace, Seven Psychopaths)
  • Alexandra Maria Lara – Ute Fassbinder (You Are Wanted, Rush, Move On, Woman in Love)
  • Eugenio Derbez – Al Hernandez (Real Rob, Miracles from Heaven, Aztec Warrior)
  • Amr Waked – Ray Dussette (Riviera, Marco Polo, Lucy, Odysseus, Spiral)
  • Andy Garcia – President Andrew Palma (The Godfather, Ocean’s Twelve, Passengers, Ballers, True Memoirs of an International Assassin)
  • Ed Harris – Leonard Dekkom (WestWorld, Mother!, Apollo 13, The Abyss, The Truman Show, Pain & Gain)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Dean Devlin mostly known for some of Hollywoods great movies such as Independence Day(1996), Godzilla (1998) & Independence Day: Resurgence (2016), Stargate (1994). He’s both a producer, director & actor from New York.


Proud Mary (2018) **REVIEW**

When it comes to Taraji P Henson, she does not disappoint with her performances. You can feel her entire heart was in it. If you haven’t seen her in films or TV Show, you should check her out now.

‘Proud Mary’ is about this kickass female assassin who works for a criminal family in Boston. In the beginning we see Mary entering a building and shooting a guy, she hears noises and open a door where she see’s a kid with headphones on playing video games. She leaves the apartment building with a photo of the boy she saw. Asking around about him til she found him and she found him, in a alley passed out after chasing down a guy who stole his bag.

Waking up in her apartment in takes a while for him to open to her but he is being suspicious of her. She let’s him stay in her apartment, eat as much food as he likes and watch TV. After all, the kid is basically homeless and got no where to go. We quickly get to see her screwing up by killing a guy who made the boy run drugs between clients. So Mary, loses her tempter and shoots the criminal, called Uncle. Stirring up something old and a possible war.

She struggles with everything. But what she isn’t struggling with is the boy. Keeps him on his toes and keeps him in check. Makes her feel maybe she should leave the criminal war and take this boy for a better life. Even though her boss wants her to train the boy to become just like her and to work for the family she works for. She doesn’t want that, she wants out and she wants move.. she wants it now. What Mary wants, Mary takes.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Taraji.P Henson – Mary (Hidden Figures, The Karate Kid, Empire, Date Night)
  • Billy Brown – Tom (How To Get Away With Murder, Sons of Anarchy, Legends, The Following, Dexter)
  • Jahi Di’Allo Winston – Danny (Libby and Malcolm, The Upside, Feed the Beast)
  • Xander Berkeley – Uncle (The Walking Dead, Born Guilty, Shanghai Noon, Air Force One, Gattaca)
  • Danny Glover – Benny (Lethal Weapon Franchise, 2012, Monster Trucks, Gridlocked, Consumed)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Babak Najafi a Iranian director known for some famous movies. The London Has Fallen (2016) Sebbe (2010) and many more. What I could see on IMDb he mostly done Swedish movies and some that I’ve seen so check this guy out and movies he’s done.

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Insidious: The Last Key (2018) **REVIEW**

So.. I came around to see the new Insidious. I been waiting on it so excited and… what shall I say? I don’t know.

We get to meet Elise again and this time we see an old torturer of hers. When she was a kid her father beat her and punished her by putting her in a dark basement when she spoke about ghosts she saw in the house. When she was in the basement something tricked her into opening a door and something came out. Something scary.

Fast forward til 2010 and she’s older now. She gets a call about a haunting and turns out – it’s her old house she lived in as a kid. The person living there now need help for the haunting is becoming bad. First Elise didn’t want to take this job but then she decides to. And what is about to be uncovered can put chills in your spine.

‘Insidious’ horror franchise is one I love but the third movie and certainly this one didn’t impress me too much. At first ‘The Last key’ had it’s scary moment and made me go “HELL NO” but closer to the end it got, less scary it became. Almost felt very rushed. At least with the first 2 they took their time with it and that’s not the case with this one. Felt a bit disappointed.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend it to anyone but if you have been following the saga from the get go then I say watch it. Get your own opinion about it.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Lin Shaye – Elise (Insidious, There’s Something About That Mary, The Black Room, Mountain Top)
  • Leigh Whannell – Specs (Insidious, Saw, Cooties, The Bye Bye Man)
  • Angus Sampson – Tucker (Insidious, Winchester, Fargo, Mad Max: Road Fury)
  • Kirk Acevedo – Ted Garza (Band of Brothers, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Arrow, Kingdom)
  • Caitlin Gerard – Imogen ( Magic Mike XXL, The Assignment, Smiley, Pocket Listing )
  • Spence Locke – Melissa (Resident Evil: Extinction & Afterlife, Cougar Town, Bridal Boot Camp)
  • Josh Stewart – Gerald ( The Collector, The Collection, The Punisher, The Dark Knight Rises)
  • Bruce Davison – Christian (X-Men, Blindspot, The Exorcist TvShow, Kingdom)


Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Adam Robitel, a Emmy-nominated producer, writer & director, you might have seen his previous work such as Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension (2015), The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014), Cut/Print (2012), He’s a talented in what he does and make sure you check out some of his film today!


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Black Panther (2018) **REVIEW**

Before we get into this review I just want to point out a few things here. I’ve seen people (mostly tech people) complaining that the tech in this movie isn’t “real” enough, so let me just say; it’s called Scifi for a damn reason.

I’ve been really excited to see this and went to Valentine’s Day to see it and it was fantastic. Actors did a great job, graphic effect are flawless. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about ‘Black Panther’. So with that..

After the attack at UN in Vienna, T’Challa is now on his way home to Wakanda for get crowned. As he is about to start his first few days as king it’s already proven to be difficult. As T’Challa finds out a man who attacked their nation and killed many is crawling out of his hole and making himself known. He embarks to find him but.. he isn’t the real enemy he need to worry about. There’s a man with a hidden agenda, his name is Erik.

As an agent of CIA is about to find about that Wakanda isn’t as poor as the world seem to think, Erik demands trial by combat for the throne. This confuses a few of the elders but it got proven he is the child of T’Challa’s uncle. So this complicates things. Erik isn’t just out for the throne he is also out for blood, world-wide damage if you will. Because what he is about to do next might just be one of the dumbest he can do instead of helping, he want’s to destroy. Some of the tribes in Wakanda get’s forced to help Erik but others do it volunteered

As we see some brilliant acting skills from Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Danai Gurira and many more. (A few faces you will recognize in the movie) They will also get you to feel what they feel. Emotional roller coaster throughout the movie. We get to see some nerve chilling action scenes mixed some GREAT humor, they will deliver some real sassyness from the female characters.  I would recommend to see ‘Black Panther’ 10/10 times.

They managed to get me laughing, feeling sad with them, anxious, nervous and relief. I can’t wait to see more of the characters from ‘Black Panther’ in ‘Avangers: Infinity War’

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Chadwick Boseman – T’Challa (Captain America: Civil War, 42, Get on Up, Gods of Egypt, Fringe, Persons UnKnown)
  • Michael B Jordan – Erik Killmonger ( Fruitvale Station, Creed, Fantastic Four, Hotel Noir)
  • Lupita Nyong’o – Nakia (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Jungle Book, 12 Years A Slave)
  • Danai Gurira – Okoye ( The Walking Dead, All Eyez on Me, Restless City, 3 Backyards )
  • Martin Freeman – Everett K Ross ( The Hobbit, Ghost stories, Captain America: Civil War, Sherlock, Nativity)
  • Daniel Kaluuya – W’Kabi ( Get Out, Sicario, Johnny English Reborn, Babylon, Inspector Lewis)
  • Letita Wright – Shuri ( The Commuter, Black Mirror, Top Boy, Humans, Urban Hymn, Glasgow Girls)
  • Winston Duke – M’Baku ( Person of Interest, The Messengers, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)
  • Andy Serkins – Ulysses Klaue  (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Planet of the Apes franchise, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Burke and Hare)
  • Florence Kasumba – Ayo (Captain America: Civil War, Wonder Woman, Deautchland 86, Emerald City, Offline: Are You Ready for Next Level?)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

Ryan Coogler an American director and he doesn’t have alot of movies under his belt but they are well known and his directing style is really good. Black Panther (2018), Creed (2015), Fruitvale Station (2013)

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The Ritual (2017) **REVIEW**

Have you ever wanted to go hiking in the Scandinavian mountain side? There’s some real gorgeous landscape. Air is fresh and crisp. Non-polluted creeks. It’s a dream. And that is what a group of friends thought too. Until it wasn’t.

5 friends – Luke, Phil, Hutch, Dom & Robert – sitting in a pub and trying to discuss where to go on a lads trip. Robert gave the suggestion going on a hiking trip to Sweden. The rest of the group laughed and they left the pub still discussing where to go. They stop by a convenient store and 2 of them go inside but to only walk right into a robbery in progress. One hides and other gets his head slashed in half. Sounds brutal and the scene is brutal too.

Now.. 4 of the friends are on a hiking trip in Sweden in the memory of their dead friend. You can tell that the chemistry in the group are quite tense. They walking up the mountains and look at the map, one of them seeing a shortcut through the forest below. They where soon going to regret that decision.

As they are confused and disgusted they decide to keep going. Starting raining like crazy they find a cabin in the woods and decide to go inside. Nothing strange will happen here right? WRONG! As they are warming up and waking up next day with nightmares. But these dreams seem a little too real. They shake it off and decide to keep walking so they can leave the forest. But nothing is so simple. Something is following them after their stay in the cabin. Only matter of time before something bad starts to happen and its tearing the group apart and this thing, takes advantage of it.

‘The Ritual’ is based on the book written by Adam Nevill. I didn’t know it was a good book til recently but I have put an order in and waiting for the book. Excited to read it.

This movie is a very detailed horror movie with guts and blood so if you are sensitive, don’t watch it. But ‘The Ritual’ was really good. One of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while. It’s currently on Netflix but not in Latin America & UK so I would suggest see if you can rent it but I went on and bought. After seeing this my faith in horror movies for upcoming year have been restored.

Who are the actors in this film and where do we know them from?

  • Rafe Spall – Luke (Life of Pi, Hot Fuzz, The Big Short, Prometheus, The BFG)
  • Arsher Ali – Phil ( The Darkest Universe, Ackley Bridge, Doctor Who, Silent Witness)
  • Robert James Collier – Hutch ( Downtown Abbey, A Christmas Star, Ryse: Son of Rome)
  • Sam Troughton – Dom ( King Lear, Midsummer Murders, Vera Drake, Alien vs Predator)
  • Paul Reid – Robert (Vikings, Tommy’s Honour, London Irish, Raw)
  • Kerri McLean – Gayle ( Rellik, Small Island, Doctors, HollyOaks)

Who is the director and what is she/he known for?

David Bruckner, he’s known for directing horror movies and you maybe have seen some of his work already. Such as: V/H/S (2012), Southbound (2015), Siren  (2016).

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