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The Pyramid (2014) **REVIEW**

Forget everything you know about Ancient Egypt and the pyramids, forget it all and keep your minds open for what might be.

Two archeologists found a pyramid outside of Cairo under the desert. So they are there to dig it out, they found it by using a satellite and it’s powers. This pyramid was buried for a reason but we all know that acheologists won’t listen. A network channel sends two journalists to document the founding and film it all. A guy from the archeology team have a small rover borrowed from NASA to send it where humans can’t go. So when they open the pyramid, something is released, but they get so intrigued so they send in the rover, but something inside the pyramid attacks it, so obviously, the a small group walks inside to find it. And they shouldn’t have walked in.. They keep finding warning signs from ancient Egypt, this pyramid is OLDER than the three pyramids of Giza.

I was at first very skeptical about the film but oh boy, it’s actually quite good. Sure, it’s half footage found kind of film but I was impressed by it. Not much effects used in this, which is impressing. But it got a good story line and we find out in the last 15 min or so of the film what ACTUALLY is going on inside that pyramid.

Actors: Denis O’Hare, Ashley Grace, James Buckley, Amir K, Christa Nicola and many more.


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