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Horror for Halloween 2016


If you are one of those – like me – who prefers sitting at home during Halloween and eating all the sweets while watching some horror movies. Then I have a small list for you, they are some of my favourites and we got something for all. Gore, jump scares, psychological, found footage.


The Forest (2016)

Natalie Dormers plays Sara who’s twin sister lives in Japan and works as a English teacher. She one day goes missing and Sara flies over to find her. Rumor has it her sister went to the legendary forest; Aokigahara. The suicide forest as the base of Mt Fuji. She journeys there and already starting to feel discomfort about the forest and seeing things. If you are walking inside this forest, make sure you don’t have unfinished business that is eating you alive or the forest will take you.

Lights Out (2016)

When Rebecca’s little brother Martin is starting to experience the same events that she did as a child. Rebecca is now forced to investigate the events. Their mother Sophie have been suffering depression most of her life and been in and out of mental institutions, during one visit she met a girl named Diana who latched herself to Sophie and she isn’t a fan of the light and prefers the dark and shadows


Blade Triology ( 1998, 2002 & 2004)

It’s out not so friendly neighborhood watch dog Blade. He hunts vampires in the nights and stop their evil plans to take over the world. During each film we meet a new enemy that Blade need to take on and we meet some people who joins him in this fight. All three are good but the fav is the third; Trinity from 2004!

Insidious (2010, 2013, 2015)

We all seen the Insidious horror films about this young boy who falls under a coma but then something is starting to happen in the house in the first film. In the second his father is being possessed and we get answers about the ghost woman who’s following the son and father. And in the third  we see the psychic who can communicate with the dead and get answers. About how she started her journey and how it all began.

The Purge; Triology (2013, 2014, 2016)

This slasher is set in a different America where all crimes including murder is legal for 12H! In all three films we meet different people in different situations during the night of The Purge. But some actors pop up during all three films. Like in the first film when a kid saves a homeless man from being murdering during Purge – he comes up in the other films too with more lines and steady role.

Doom (2005)

Doom movie is based on the video game Doom. Myself have never played the video game but the film is mediocre but fits the Halloween night. A group of space marines (Yep) gets the mission of investigating a strange events on a research facility on Mars but something has happened and the scientist disappeared but no sign of them leaving. But… there is something living there that no one could foresee!

Hush (2016)

She is a deaf writer who lives in a wood area, her neighbors have quickly become her best friend. But one evening she gets a visit from a man who likes to terrorize people before he kills them. He quickly learns that she is deaf – which seems to make it more fun for him. But.. but.. Who need to look out here? The killer or the girl? Hush is a very thrilling movie and it keeps you on suspense at all times.


Trollhunter (2010)

This film is on my every Halloween horror list. It’s a Norwegian horror so subtitles will be needed if you don’t understand Norwegian remember to have those on. A group of journalism students gets an idea to follow a man who always shows up where it’s been bear killings. But they know something isn’t adding up. After ambushing him in the woods he agrees on shooting a documentary about trolls. In this story, trolls isn’t the helpful creatures us Scandinavians have believed. They are so much more deadly and vicious! And if you are going to ambush trolls – don’t be Christian – they can smell it on you!

Area 51 (2015) – found footage

We all heard the stories about Area 51 and how they are doing secret government experiments and holding aliens from all corners of the galaxy there. There’s been attempts in the past of people trying to trespass. But here are a group of youths who did it. But the secrets they where looking to unveil are turning out to be MUCH more deadly and horrible than they first imagined.

As Above, So Below (2014) – found footage

Scarlett believes that a secret so well hidden throughout the years might have answers laying in the unexplored catacombs under Paris. She hires a group of guys to take her down to those areas. After a while the group want to turn back but she is refusing. So one by one – they are picked off by the forces that lays in the catacombs.

JeruZalem (2015) – found footage

Sometimes a wish just needs to be a wish. Two best friends are going to Tel Aviv for some partying and tourism but someone at the airport is convincing them to go to Jerusalem. Which they soon are going to regret. When one of them makes a wish something strange is happening in the city. One of the gates of hell are opening up in Jerusalem so you better leave the city or hide quickly – because the creatures crawling up will find you!





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