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Pan (2015) **REVIEW**

We all know the classic tale of Peter Pan. The boy who didn’t want to grow up and fought the pirates and other enemies of the island Neverland. We seen the films and the tv-show (yes, there was a tv show when I was growing up, have them all on VHS) and here is a different tale of who Peter Pan is.

Peter is an orphan boy in London during World War 2. With his best friend he gets up to mischief. One day the other orphan boys are starting to disappear and Peter it set into finding out why. He will soon realise he shouldn’t have. He end up being on a ship who takes him to Neverland to mine for pixie dust. Because the vicious pirate Blackbeard is dead set on living forever.

Peter soon discover he isn’t ordinary and unwanted like he was always was told by the nuns at the orphanage. He is the son of a human mother and a faery prince. So his destiny is to save the island from Blackbeard. He becomes a friend with someone we all know well James Hook. So this story takes place before the story we all know and love. So will with all the pressure of Peter being the chosen one will he step up and show who he is or will he simply fail?

Pan is a different film from what I’m used to when it comes to the story of Peter Pan. I like how Hugh Jackman plays the bad guy in the film. He always plays the good one and he have said in an interview about playing the bad guy in a previous film, he called it liberating. And it clearly shows he can play a bad guy just as well as a good one and hope we all see him do more bad guy roles. There where scenes in the film where they had some cool and epic moments and some where a bit predictable. But that’s how we all know how the film will end.

Will I recommend this film? Yes I will. It’s funny and romantic in it’s own way and I wouldn’t say it’s good for young kids under the age of 7 but it’s a family film (for the older children).

You see Hugh Jackman, Levi Miller, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Adeel Akhtar, Amanda Seyfried and many more.


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