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As well all know there’s been a remake of the cult film Poltergeist and a lot of different people been having different opinions about it. Fore me when it comes to remakes it’s something that is so difficult to do, because expectations are so high from fans, especially. And since Hollywood ran out of ideas (seems like it) they decided to do some remakes lately. And Poltergeist is one of the amazing films who got one.

Poltergeist 1982 – A family’s home is haunted by several poltergeists. And these poltergeists takes a liking to their youngest daughter Carol Anne. They suck her in into some sort of dimension and want her to walk into the light with them. Her family works hard to get her back and contacts a paranormal group.

When it came to the original version it’s pretty good. Considering it was 1982 when it was done and the effects wasn’t as good as the ones we have today. But I did really enjoy this film. And because of when it was made – the effects wasn’t halfbad and it got better scares. In 1982 film the father was in real estate and mother staying home with the children.

Poltergeist 2015 – In this remake they haveĀ  changed it a little. Family moves into a house that very soon proves to be haunted by entities they can’t handle. Soon after as these entities takes their youngest daughter Madison they contact a paranormal group at a college to help them out. And find out some secrets.

In the remake the father just lost his job and the family is struggling a lot. So they had to buy a house for cheap – which was the haunted house. What also was new was that it’s not the mother who goes in to the portal to pick up Madison and we get a small glimps for what’s on the other, which I liked.


Now when we compare both films I must say 1982 one was better, by far. The remake didn’t have a single jump scare and badly written over all. Graphics was nice and so was the effects but the 1982- the first Poltergeist seemed just a lot better done.

Have you seen the Poltergeist remake and what where your thoughts?


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