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Robert the doll is supposed to have happened before Annabelle  -the film that freaked most people out and getting scared of dolls. Robert the doll was alright. I have to say Annabelle was scarier. The story itself is a good one but it doesn’t really got any jump scares or have any creepy scenes. I got disappointed.

Jenny and Paul are living in a nice big house  with their son Gene. When they realize their house keeper is becoming more and more senile they decide to let her go. They shouldn’t have done that. She house keeper gives Gene a present – a doll called Robert. Gene gets attached to the doll and believe it talks to him. The adults around find the doll creepy. And if you talk to the doll like you don’t like it – something bad will happen. Gene says that Robert will be mad if you don’t take care of him.

I’ve read reviews and people been having good things to say – I say it’s a little boring for being a horror film. When it comes to dolls and children it can become creepy but this one – it wasn’t Annabelle just let me say that. Would I recommend it? No.

You see actors like Lee Bane, Suzie Frances Garton, Flynn Allen, Cyd Casados, Samuel Hutchison and many more.


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