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The Guvnors is a British Drama/Thriller about 2 gangs. One current and one who split up long ago but come together again after their boxing trainer died.

This story can seem complicated so I’m going to begin with telling you a little about the old gang. The old gang is called Guvnors, in south east London they reeked havoc and had big amount of respect. Everyone knew who they where and they where respected. The leader, Mitch, decides one day to just leave the gang to start a proper life with his wife and earn legit money. In the start you see Mitch, his house, wife, child. He tries to make his son see that bullying doesn’t get you very far. Since he used to be a bully he doesn’t want his son to become one. So he might come of as harsh.

The new gang, the leader Adam, is out to get respect. He DEMANDS it and everyone should fear him. He got a lot of anger. He guns for The Guvnors and want the leader to come out. So to do this, he decides to go after The Guvnors boxing trainer. He just wanted to give him a bit of a scare but ended up doing something much worse. Making Mitch come out of “hiding”.

Adam want to meet the former leader.. But there is a small twist int his film. I’m not going to tell you what it is. But you won’t believe your eyes. The Guvnors have a HUGE story so it’s not easy to give you a small round up on what it’s about. But I can tell you this – you won’t be disappointed. It’s really good and I would highly recommend it. There is alot of fighting, blood and swearing in this film so it’s not suitable for anyone under 15, I’d say.

You see actors like Harley Sylvester, Doug Allen, Tom Davis, Vas Blackwood, David Essex, Mark Preston and many many more.


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