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I was browsing on Netflix and found this. Thought it was interesting and it was quite good. The film is a found footage inspired film so expect alot of shaking and unclear images. Afflicted IMDb

Derek and Clif are best friends since teens, Derek gets diagnosed with a rare nerve disease in the brain and the two friends decides to go on a around the world trip and document the entire thing. First stop is Barcelona and they meet up with 2 friends from a band who are in Europe touring.. So Derek and Clif follows their friends to Paris and there Derek gets a girl back to the hotel. Clif and the other friends decides to cock block Derek and runs into the his hotel room. There they find Derek bitten, beating and barely breathing. But he wakes up fine but can’t remember anything.

Derek starts acting weird.. can’t eat food, super strong, super speed and can’t stand sunlight. While Derek is going through this transforming stage Clif and Derek trying to investigate what’s wrong with him.. During this they both breaks into a blood bank to see if it’s blood Derek needs, steals a ambulance. But in this ordeal Derek gets really hungry and kills his friend by accident. Derek now is in Italy and when he realize what he did. He now takes off to Paris to find the girl who did this to him.. Questions are.. What is wrong with Derek? Zombie? Vampire? Will he find the girl who did this to him? And Interpol is looking for him, so is he able to get away from them?

You see actors like Derek Lee, Clif Prowse, Michael Gill, Baya Rehaz, Benjamin Zeitoun and many more.


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