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Another week means a new theme for the blog and this week til the 10th is comedies. I know I should’ve kicked it off yesterday but I was sick in bed so I’m going to make it up to you with this hilarious movie: We’re the Millers.

A loser drug dealer David, gets robbed when he tries to help his neighbor Kenny from not getting beating down when he tries to help a girl. So when David’s boss calls and wants his share of the sales he doesn’t have the cash. So his boss tells him there is a way he can repay him – by going down to Mexico and get a shipment of weed. So get everything back without getting caught David gets a “brilliant” idea – fake family. So David gets the neighbor boy -Kenny, the girl Kenny helped – Casey & the stripper who lives next door – Rose to help. And we all know this can be a recipe for disaster but it might work in the end! There is a lot of awkward moments when you don’t know if you should laugh or hide your face in a pillow. Everything goes well on the road to Mexico but on the road home – is a different matter.  And that’s when all the fun stuff happens and awkward moments.

You will love it and it’s hilarious. Not sure how many times I laughed but my face it hurting.

You see actors like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Ed Helms, Tomer Sisley and many more.



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