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If you’re a fan of the obscure, psychedelic & Rob Zombie then his movies are perfect for you – including this one. Lords of Salem is written, directed and produced by Rob Zombie himself. And this was the first Rob Zombie I saw and I have to say I was happily surprised.

Heidi is a radio host and got a show with 2 others. They’re quite popular on the radio and people live them. And of course they live in Salem and have a guest on the radio – Francis Matthias. Wrote a book about Salem witches when he’s there at the show they play a record that was sent to Heidi personally to listen to by a band called The Lords. Now – what happens when this record is playing. It got an affect on the women and they start acting weird.. Francis picks up on this music and start investigating and find out it goes back to the Salem witch trials. The more Heidi listens to the song the more she thinks she’s about to lose her mind. She’s seeing things and dreaming weird things.

After seeing alot of bad reviews and good reviews on this movie – I wanted to see it. First time I saw the trailer for it was at a Rob Zombie concert back in 2012. Looked pretty cool and the movie itself it quite good. So if you’re a fan of his work – music and movies and love the weird obscure and psychedelic satanist witch movies then this is perfect for you.

You see actors like Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Judy Geeson, Meg Foster and many more.


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