Ghostbusters – All Female Cast!

Ghostbusters.. a movie from my childhood and it’s been talk for some time about a third movie. Also been back and forth talk about making it an all female cast. Now I am all for letting women having more lead roles in comedies. I’ve seen the cast and there is 2 there I’m like “I expected that” because they are brilliant actors. But an all female cast for Ghostbusters, am I happy? Not really sure, so many split feelings about this.. Alot of people are pissed about it. I’m not upset, just not sure that to think about it.. These ladies have so MUCH to live up to. My question is, are they able to deliver to make it a success or will it double flop?


The new lady cast: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. The 2 I was expecting was Melissa and Kristen. So many links about this, but here is 2.


BBC News: Ghostbusters female line-up confirmed

Hollywood reporter: New All Female Ghostbusters Cast Chosen



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