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Perfect Sisters **REVIEW**

I read the review about this movie on Netflix and people where bashing this in and out. But I knew that if they don’t like it I would. They said they didn’t understand the movie. But we all have different taste in movies.

Perfect Sisters are about 2 sisters in high school with a troubled alcoholic mother who struggles with not drinking and keeping a job. The sisters – Sandra & Beth tries to keep up the appearance with their friends and pretend everything is okay. But in fact – behind closed doors no would understand how their life are. Their mothers multiple boyfriends who isn’t always that great, specially not this new guy. No one from their family will listen to them, their aunt or biological father, not even the authorities. They had enough of their mother and plots to kill her with Beth’s boyfriend & Sandra’s best friend. They wanna make it look like an accident. But the question is tho – will they succeed?

This story is inspired by real events and that’s scary. Watching the movie and then understand that there are alot of children out there living like these 2 sisters do. The movie breaks my heart but it’s a good story and perfect eye opener. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see it – don’t listen to the bad reviews on Netflix or anywhere else.

You see actors like Abigail Breslin, Georgie Henley, Mira Sorvino, James Russo, Rusty Schwimmer, Zoe Belkin and many more.



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  1. stananddeliver said:

    Thank you so much for these kind words. As the filmmaker (and this is my first film as a director) I am touched to hear that my film touched the audience and made them feel something. It was quite intentional to put the viewers into these girls’ world and make you feel what they were feeling. There’s always such power when you are reminded at the end that this REALLY happened. As a parent myself (of teens / young adults) I felt, as you do, that there were lots of adults who didn’t come to these girls’ rescue and left them feeling like this was their only choice. Thank you again for your positive comments and for encouraging others to find it on Netflix. STAN BROOKS

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