Mrs Browns Boys D’Movie **REVIEW**

Mrs Browns Boys, a comedy I always loved since I discovered it by a chance on youtube and I was laughing so hard. I was living in Sweden then and the humor that was in the clips was the kind I always loved but seemed to strong for Swedish television. So when I moved to England I was so happy when I could see the show on TV. I’ve seen the series, Christmas Specials and the tour DVD’s…

When I saw they where making a movie I was happy.. The show was always so hilarious. But when I saw the movie I didn’t know what to think really. It was recorded the same way as the series. I thought they would keep it a little more professional than that. But although the movie had it’s moments of perfect compassion and humor.

The movie is about a ladies running stalls in a market, but one stall at the time gets shuts down and Mrs Browns turn have come. To only find out she got a huge tax debt. A dirty politician want to close the market down and build a shopping centre. Mrs Brown have save her stall to find a recipt to save her stall thats been passed down to 4 generations. Will her family help her to save the stall and maybe the entire market? Even with their way of filming the movie – it got it charms with funny and sad moments.



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